Review: A Big Dinner at The Big Nasty

Every time you think that it’s not possible to pack one more eatery into Bandra, you’re pleasantly surprised! Last evening, we finally made a trip to the new burger joint, The Big Nasty, which was launched about a fortnight ago.  As we walked in, we took in the cool vibe, which was artistic and very raw at the same time. The personality of the place made it very easy to be at ease right from the start. The staff that was milling around was very welcoming and we were told we could pick a booth of our choice.  As we slipped in, we took in the atmosphere, right from the metal nets separating some tables, birds perched on a wall, a shark hanging off the ceiling near the bar, and some decorative thread balls on a wall. Even the rest room door knobs were interesting, with the women’s room signified with a bolt and men’s room symbolized with a nail ;)






We were starving and from the many starter options on the menu, we picked the stuffed mushrooms. The portion was quite large and the cheese and mushroom filled dish was very tasty. (As an aside, this place is not for weight watchers so dine here when you’re looking for comfort food.)

Every burger comes with a choice of sides as well as a choice of fries. For our burgers, we picked the falafel burger with a side of curly fries and a leafy salad with olives and a potato rosti with cheese burger, with a side of onion rings and corn on the cob. For meat eaters, of course there was more to choose from.

Both burgers were massive and delicious! If you plan to devour a whole burger on your own (which is quite a task for someone with a regular appetite), this meal will leave you full and fulfilled. The only item we didn’t love were the side of onion rings, which were a bit too deep fried for our taste.






We also decided to try their signature cocktail, the Nasty Mary – a vodka-based drink with guava, a hint of Tobasco and green chilly. If you like chilly drinks, you will definitely enjoy this one. The reason its called the Nasty Mary was very apt  – there actually is a green chilly in the drink so if you drink it too slowly, the drink gets spicier and if you drink it too fast, well, you burn your tongue! So pick the right pace and you may just survive the Nasty Mary. Apart from a good selection of cocktails, they have a well stocked up bar including a wide range of beers, single malts, wines and other liquors.

And then came dessert – a choice between apple crumble and brownie. We’re chocoholics so the brownie was the easy choice, and a good one too! It was heavenly. We really did not think we would be able to eat any more, but your stomach really makes way for dessert – especially great dessert that melts in your mouth.

The staff was extremely friendly and attentive. When they saw us laboring through our massive burgers, we were told that everything about eating a big, yummy, juicy burger is nasty, and so the name “The Big Nasty”. The bigger the burger, the sloppier and more difficult to eat, and so the better.

Definitely two thumbs up from us! We need new fun places to hang out at and The Big Nasty is a perfect place for a relaxed evening.

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