Review: A Night of Unadulterated Fun at The Comedy Store

With a mix of local and international talent, The London based Comedy Store does not disappoint in providing a night of non-stop laughter. The host of the night, Markus Birdman started things off with a bang at the expense of the guy sitting in the front row who was sipping on a cocktail, questioning his sexual orientation. Markus’ jokes mainly involved picking on different people in the crowd, whether it was the good looking couple in the front row who were ‘just friends’ or someone named Sorry or another named Minty Vinti. Birdman spent the rest of the evening not just picking on the audience, but  also on himself for being 40.

Next on stage was Tanmay Bhat. He hit the spot with the local audience as his humor was closer to home and the crowd could relate to it easier than the more British humor of the other acts. Whether it was someone from Delhi threatening the worlds most powerful man, Barack Obama during his visit there, “tujhe pata hai mera baap kaun hai?” or the perils he faced in his adolescent years with a dial up internet connection, Bhat knew how to get the crowd going.

After the interval Markus was back on stage picking up where he left off with his new found friends in the audience before introducing the last act of the night Pierre Hollins. Although he was funny, a general consensus of the audience was that they liked his act the least. This was probably because his jokes were more related to the UK and the crowd found it harder to relate. The highlights of his act included guitar playing with some self written jingles and some x rated humor with actions.

The Comedy Store Promises Race, Politics, Sex no bar. So leave your kids at home.

Markus Birdman, Tanmay Bhat and Pierre Hollins (Best in Stand Up Comedy from the World Over) perform at the Comedy Store till Sunday October 2, 2011 so you can still catch them before they are gone.

– Aditya Mittal

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