Review: A Serious Night Out at The Comedy Store

On a night that you’re feeling too lazy to make conversation with your friends at a bar, the comedy store is a perfect alternative. Sit back, grab your drink and let someone else take the onus of making you laugh. So we headed with a bunch of friends to watch the best in international comedy. And not to our surprise, in the audience was a gentleman sitting with a drink by himself!

The show started off with British standup comedian Stephen Grant, engaging with the audience and preparing us for the line-up for the evening.  The crowd warmed up to him immediately and there were many laughs as he interacted with the diverse audience.  The frontbenchers obviously bore the brunt of the jokes and we had many laughs at their expense.

Next was internationally renowned Mandy Knight, who with her blunt humour, which was probably interspersed with more swear words than jokes, really did stun the audience, into silence or scared laughter. But we have to hand it to her, the crowd did enjoy her abrasive humour at many points, secretly thanking God that it wasn’t them she was picking on.

The second act began with a ten-minute stint by a newcomer, Amogh Ranadive, who we felt was a bit awkward at the beginning but within minutes, the audience was roaring with laughter at his jokes which ranged from cricket to schools in Mumbai to Delhi boys. A Mumbai audience always loves a joke on Delhi!

Next on was the main act of the night, pioneer of standup comedy in India, Ash Chandler. Although his act started off well, we felt the level of energy and the quality of jokes dipped a bit toward the middle. In the end, he wrapped with a nice song act where he got the audience involved as well.

As we walked out after the show, we were recalling some of our favorite moments of the night. For us, Stephen was definitely the highlight of the night. His jokes really struck a chord with the audience and his spontaneity in reactions to the audience was genuine.

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