Review and Interview: Have Your Cupcake And Eat It Too

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Don’t you just love desserts? It’s very difficult to find someone who doesn’t! And when desserts look good and taste great, isn’t it just brilliant? This is exactly the case with Cake It Away, the venture by Natali Asrani which delivers cupcakes in all their magnificent glory.

With a menu of 26 flavours of cupcakes to choose from, Cake It Away is all the variety you would ever want. But it doesn’t stop there. Natali is ever ready to customise your order according to your tastes and preferences. So if you prefer a chocolate cake instead of vanilla, you can have it. If you want it to be made extra sweet or less sweet, just say the word and it’s done. Mix and match or have a theme based order, Cake It Away is prepared to do it all.

With a mix of flavours which range from fruit to chocolate to vanilla, there is quite a bit to choose from. And certain flavours are the make or break deal with these cupcakes. Black Forest had rich chocolate and was topped with sweet creamy icing, while the Cotton Candy had the most amazing vanilla cake. On the other hand, Exotic Hazel had delicious chocolate flavours with a tasty cake and Choco Swirl had a nice cocoa flavour, but both cupcakes tasted a bit undercooked. The batter was delicious though so we didn’t complain much! Sizzling Currant had both an excellent cake and icing and was adored, Cinnapple had the softest cake and tasty, sweet icing. Pinacolada was very good and had tiny coconut gratings which made it interesting to eat and added to the flavour, and Mint Choco Chip was simply brilliant, especially the minty icing. Strawberry Frills will definitely be a hit with kids since its icing looks like delicious bubblegum and tastes just as good.

Certainly within everyone’s spending power, these made to order cupcakes come priced at Rs. 20 each for mini and Rs. 45 each for regular with minimum orders of 12 and 6 each respectively. You could also fill your cupcakes with buttercream or jam for an additional Rs.5.

A great choice to enjoy good cupcakes while sitting home or to be creative and order to a party, Cake It Away will be on our contact list for sure. You can put it on yours as well. Here are the details to contact Natali:

Cell Number: 9820951925


- Sean Sequeira

 A conversation with Natali:

The idea of Cake It Away was born at the impulsive decision of Natali and her husband when they decided to bake a batch of cupcakes over the weekend last September. Talking about the source for her ideas, Natali says, “I try to come up with most of the ideas for the cupcakes. At the same time, I bake the cupcakes keeping in mind what the customers require.” Cake it Away, which also provides custom made cupcakes offers a variety of flavors which range from raspberry to strawberry, lemon, orange, classic chocolate, coffee and bubblegum. Ask her about the secret to the perfect cupcake and she promptly replies that the cupcake has to be soft. The chocolate used should not be too soft and the butter cream should neither be too heavy nor too sugary. Cake It Away also has a bite to offer to the health conscious people. The base of the cupcakes has no milk products and fat free butter is used to make the butter cream. The one cupcake she would recommend to everyone is the Elvis Cupcake – a base of banana with peanut butter cream icing.

- Esha Chanda

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