Review: Brunching at Bungalow 9

It had been a while since we enjoyed a nice long Sunday brunch and cocktails. We’d heard Bungalow 9 had started a special brunch on Sundays, and being Bandraites, what better than to not have to travel from one end of town to another in search of sustenance. Nested in a lane at Mount Mary steps, this quaint restaurant situated in a bungalow is a perfect place to spend a relaxed Sunday.

The restaurant has both outdoor and indoor seating. The outdoor seating area has booths for 4 or 6 people. The indoors is similar to a regular restaurant with tables set for parties of any size from 2 people and above. We preferred the outdoors as the ambience was great. Sitting under the shade of the trees and enjoying the cool weather was just what we had wanted although the indoor area had a live band to make up for being slightly dingy.
The menu had an array of appetizers and a variety of freshly made thin crust pizza. The salad bar and cheese platters were laid out, buffet style. There was a live pasta counter, a live khowsuey counter, and a counter for pancakes and waffles.

We first ordered a round of appetizers – the dimsum was excellent, the corn and spinach quiche was average and the sambal brushed cottage cheese although flavorful was a bit chewy. The potato wedges were yummy – crisp and tangy.

We ordered some caipiroskas, which were tasty but very strong, so ended up sipping quite slowly on these.

Onto the salads and we found ourselves enjoying the greek and caesar salads. The vegetables and the cheeses were both very fresh, essential components of a good salad. The papaya salad though was a bit bland, so we’d recommend you try one of the others.

The thin-crust pizza topped with caramelized onions and roasted peppers was delicious.

We had starved ourselves before this meal, so you can imagine that we were just about beginning. As we tested the live counters, we had a pink sauce pasta (mixing red and white), khowsuey and a pancake. One complaint we had was that the curry of the khowsuey had gone cold and even though it was actually very tasty, we were not able to enjoy it as much. The pasta was flavorful and the pancake was well made.

At the dessert table, it was no surprise that it being strawberry season now, our favorites were the strawberry and butterscotch cream tart and the strawberry cheesecake. Always go for the fresh fruit!

The service was courteous and prompt and overall we were very pleased with our experience. Priced at Rs. 1400 for unlimited food and Rs. 1800 for unlimited cocktails (+ 10% service charge + 12.5% tax), the meal could turn out a bit steep but if you have the time and the appetite, we’d recommend you get yourself an outdoor booth and treat yourself to a long leisurely lunch.

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