Review: Cafe Verve, Of Cakes, Porches and Lakes

Streams of colourful, uninhibited laughter greet you as you step foot into Verve, a spaciously sleek cafe in Thane. Girls and boys, swirling in a crowd of cafes, cocoas and caramelas, are huddled in groups. Once you get over the maddening crowd, you understand that the cafe, with its unpretentious self can do that to you.

A stone’s throw from Talaopali, one of the busiest lakes in Thane, this cafe occupies its own special place. Because of a ten minute walking distance from the Railway station, it is frequented by weary college-goers, looking for a quick respite. With serene interiors in olive green and cream, the cafe seems calm and composed even amidst the hustle and bustle of the activity that it is privy to on an everyday basis. Cleverly structured pillars of wall give each group the privacy as well as the freedom that they are looking for. As we take to our seats at a corner table, we notice that the walls are almost free of clutter, much unlike the ‘trendy’ bars & pubs that have been cropping at an alarming rate in our city. Only tiny frames, sparsely set, adorn the walls of the cafe.

We took our time mulling over the menu, which included bagels, pastas, pizzas, chillers, coffees, teas and desserts. Post ordering a Lychee Mojito and a Chicken Fusilli Pasta tossed in butter-mushroom sauce, we proceeded to chatting with Abhishek Soparkar, the owner of Verve. This clarified a couple of things for us. He told us that this property had always been in his family’s arsenal, only that it earlier was a printing press. Who would have thought a grubby, technically fraught printing press would clean up to be a cafe this pretty! To add to the charm, it is surrounded by a porch on 2 sides, while on the 3rd side it extends to include benches amidst potted plants. Another quirk that the cafe can call its own, is the charming Poetry Recitation workshop it holds every first Tuesday of every month.

The Lychee Mojito surprised us with a tanginess to it that was most welcome. As we were busy slurping on it, the pasta arrived, lusciously creamy and piping hot. Generously endowed with chicken pieces and mushroom sauce, it managed to make the day’s exhaustion disappear. And just when we were telling him how stuffed we were, he managed to tempt us into a Mango Cheesecake, telling us this would polish off the meal beautifully!

As difficult as it was to get up, walk to the door and leave, we managed to do it, with a promise from the owner of updates regarding a live band being played there soon and additions to the menu.

Address: Lake view Compound, Dr Moose Road, Talaopali, Thane (W), Thane

Contact Nos.: 022 25366444

Timings: 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm

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