Review: F Lounge Diner Bar

Located in the snazzy One India Bulls building in Lower Parel is the newly launched F Lounge.Diner.Bar. Fashion TV’s first venture into the city’s hospitality industry, is spread across an area of 10,000 square feet and sits right opposite Gold’s Gym; so don’t be surprised if you are accompanied by brawny men in the elevator on your way up to the lounge. Split into two levels, the interiors have been elegantly done. The sleek dining area on the second level overlooks the lounge below.


We settled at our table to browse the extensive drinks menu. Picking from their specialty cocktails, we ordered a strong flavoured Blood on the Roof – a perfect concoction of vodka, rum, gin, tequila and monin peach syrup with a layer of red wine on the top. If you prefer to stay away from liquor, we recommend the English Summer mocktail, a mix of peach and strawberry fizz. The spicy and crispy fried popcorn chicken tikka that came as a side was perfect to munch on as we sipped on our drinks.


The food menu designed by Michelin star chef Vineet Bhatia has dishes like Aloo Chaat Martini, Dhoklas and Pav Bhaji Vol Au Vents; a contemporary twist to the Indian dishes. The prawn puchkas that made it to our table were basically prawns and potato filled puris served with spicy and tangy green mango shots. Although the presentation was pleasing, the puchkas weren’t as delightful. The Goan Stir fry Pizzan (pizza + naan) on the other hand, which had a base of naan topped with caramelised onions and cubed sausages, paprika and tossed in red wine reduction to give a perfect texture, was scrumptious. Even better were the Goat Cheese Smoked Cashew Cigar roll that was served with a spicy mayo dip. A blend of goat cheese and cottage cheese (which managed to reduce the sourness) was rolled together in a baton sheet with the tip covered in black and white sesame seeds. Appealing to the eyes and appetizing to the taste buds.


With the mains, came the highlights of the night. While the luscious naan stuffed with blue cheese went well with the Khaate Meete Baby Aubergines, the Sun Dried Tomato Naan fared well with the Patiala chicken. The boneless cubed chicken came with a rich and thick brown gravy flambéed with whisky. The aubergines were stuffed with peanut butter and sesame, sweetened with jaggery and was cooked in a creamy gravy. The Burnt garlic Risotto was flavoursome and also managed to get our approval.


F Lounge has many fancy dishes on its menu of which the presentation is impeccable. The same holds true for the desserts. Served in an actual Canon camera lens, the Photo Finish had a combination of warm coffee flavoured cracked wheat halwa and Oreo cookie ice cream. Now although the description sounded tempting, it fell short of taste. The last order of the day was the Mango and Rasmalia Lasagne with Blue CuracaoRabdi. With small pieces of fresh mango sandwiched between the rasmalia, we were left asking for more.


Our take – F Lounge is a good place for dining (especially if you are a big spender) and in time could turn into an interesting addition to the city.


A meal for two would cost approximately Rs.5, 500 including alcohol.


Address: F Lounge.Diner.Bar, One India Bulls Centre, 3rd Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai 400013

Contact Number: 022 66505820

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