Review: Flying Buffet at Amadeus – The Veggie Menu

When we heard that Amadeus had started a Flying Buffet, a meal that would fly over to your table, we were intrigued and decided to check out the lunch there. As we walked in on a hot, sunny Thursday afternoon at about 1:30 pm, we were surprised to be greeted by loud music. We discovered that the bar area was booked by a private party.

Plum Mojito Amadeus MumbaiAs we settled in, just for the sake of our readers, even though it was a weekday afternoon, we figured we’d try a cocktail each. A Plum Mojito and a Polish Mule (gin infused with ginger and lime). Both our drinks were very refreshing. Be sure to stir the Plum Mojito well or you may find it too sweet. We were voracious by the time we got there, and we found ourselves wolfing down the assorted bread basket, which was served with sundried tomato flavoured butter.

Patatas Bravas and Corn Amadeus MumbaiWe were presented with our menu for the buffet and we both picked the vegetarian meal which was priced at Rs. 850 + taxes. First flew to the table the Catalan Patata Bravas and the Corn with Spiced Chimichuri. We were surprised to see such generous portions but then again, we remembered that this was supposed to be a buffet. In spite of the dish being quite oily, I enjoyed the potatoes while my colleague pointed out that it tasted too Indian for her taste, which then made me realize that the sauce did taste like the Enchilada sauce at New Yorker, which caters to the Indian taste bud. We both agreed that the corn was tastier and easier on the belly.

Cocas with Jalapeno and Goats Cheese at Amadeus MumbaiNext on course were the Cocas with Jalapenos and Goat’s Cheese. This flatbread dish was simply delicious. Thin and crisp and the ingredients tasted very fresh. The Gazpacho soup that came next was served in a shot glass. Interesting presentation but a tad hard to consume as the soup was a bit thick making it difficult to drink from the shot glass.

The next three dishes, the stone grilled veggies, trilogy of crepes and the paella all were presented together. The stone grilled veggies were our favourite thanks to the flavourful sauce and the paella was also pretty good. We felt the crepes were passable – too cheesy for our taste and the fillings just didn’t gel well with the flavours of the cheese sauce used.
Dessert at Amadeus MumbaiFor dessert, the frozen gianduja chocalate with liqueur sabayon was yummy! On the other hand, we found the tiramisu au kahlua a bit too creamy.

The staff was friendly and attentive. Although, I feel they could have changed the plates at least once without being told.  The ambience was generally good but the music from the private party was loud and obnoxious. You may not want to be subjected to Chhamak Chhalo and Sheila ki Jawani while you are lunching on a weekday, for work or to catch up with a friend.

Mixed Veggies at Amadeus MumbaiWe left feeling extremely full and almost regretting doing this on a weekday afternoon as we got up and walked back to work! For a meal of almost Rs. 950 per person (including taxes), for the sake of having many options, we would recommend you pick the buffet only if it’s a party of two. If you’re three or more, feel free to pick and choose and order ala carte. We doubt it will make much of a difference to your pocket.

PS: Cocktails are not part of the buffet. We ordered them separately.

To make a reservation, call 022-22821212. Amadeus is at NCPA Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021.

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