Review: Hat? Check. Boots? Check. Enter Rainforest!


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I’m sure everyone, except the weather department, was caught with surprise with the sudden rain in the city last evening, and I thought I would have to cancel my dinner at Rainforest resto-bar.  Drenched from head to toe, I somehow made it but was quite apprehensive about my appearance. But believe me, I was in the perfect attire – totally drenched, wearing a green top that looked like I was wearing leaves, and then I enter this place that has water gushing at the entrance followed by a monkey staring at you and trees all over the place. At this point all I needed quickly was a bowl of steaming soup, and within 10 minutes of placing the order, my soup reached my table.

Rainforest serves Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisine amidst a tropical setting. We decided to go course by course. So, as soon as we had our soups – Hot and Sour Prawns Soup and Sweet Corn Chicken Soup, it was time to order for our next course – the Platter. Choosing was a little difficult as there were over 10 veg and non-veg platters, so we asked our attendant for his recommendation. The Non-Veg Platter that we ordered comprised chicken, lamb (Kebab) and seafood. All of it was delicious! As soon as we were done, our table received the Prawn Sizzlers. Yummy! Right from noodles to rice, vegetables to the french fries and not forgetting the prawns, our third course left our mouths watering. We did have a little space in our stomach for Sizzling Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream that turned out to be the best choice to put our meal to an end.  For drinks, we sipped on Vodka with Orange Juice and the cocktail of the day – Fresh Kiwi Daiquiri.

There was no time wasted. As soon as we completed one course, the next reached our table. In other words, the service at Rainforest is excellent. Moving away from the typical method of calling a waiter, here you can just use the gadget on your table to call the attendant rather than hoping to catch the waiter’s eye and gesturing.

This resto-bar makes you feel like you’re out at a party. You can make as much noise as you wish without bothering about your neighbours. The music adds a lot of excitement to the forest atmosphere. Before entering, I thought I’d get to hear sounds of jungles or a lion roar, but I felt I was a teenager again as music from artistes like Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesias and groups like MLTR, Boyzone, Westlife sounded from the speakers.

Rainforest doesn’t cater to any particular age group. I was surprised to see the variety – children, youth and the elderly. And everyone was having a gala time. If you run out of conversation, the menu provides a lot of information regarding rainforests across the world. Your supper is sure to be filled with entertainment, education and yummy food.

- Suezelle D’Costa

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