Review: Jam Jar Diner – Retro Much

Probably one of the cutest restaurants we’ve seen recently, Jam Jar Diner is a vintage looking bungalow turned into a diner in a Versova lane, bustling with hungry and happy people. You will spot a tiny blue wall that will lead you into two levels and a terrace section that was packed on the 16th day from the opening of the restaurant. A bright colourful jukebox (sans a punk rocker standing in front of it, chewing gum and swaying away harmoniously), shelves scattered with books, vinyl records and the likes are what you will see as you make your way to your table.


We got our drinks with a twist and in jam jars – Whiskey Sour with a kick of ginger that tasted better after the ice melted with time and Mojito that woke me up wide-eyed with one sip due to the Tabasco kick! These were accompanied by bar snacks: shrimp popcorn with a special spicy chuntney made out of chipotle and tamarind that we loved, delicious pork nachos with salsa, cheese and jalapenos and stir fried chicken sausages that were tasty but sadly dripping with oil. Unlike other pubs we like how Jam Jar has a good choice of bar snacks to choose from and not just your regular chicken wings and fries.


We were almost full with our starters and drinks but the mains menu tempted us enough to call for a Thai Chilli and Cilantro Pizza and a BBQ Chicken burger. And so we gave in and took a big bite of the juicy burger that had stuffings of yummy smoked Gouda, crunchy onion rings, chipotle mayo and succulent chicken. The soggy French fries can be skipped, but the messy burger was a hit! We wouldn’t mind an extra portion of onion rings though. The pizza was spicy but nothing out of the ordinary.


And while we wouldn’t normally have the appetite for a dessert after all that food, our sweet tooth craved to bite into one particular dish: butterscotch ice cream sandwiched between two huge peanut butter and chocolate cookies. The crunchy cocoa flavoured biscuit with that sweet cold ice cream made for the perfect end to our meal.


Jam Jar with its cute décor, lively atmosphere and outdoorsy vibe is definitely a place you’d love to hang out on a weekend with a bunch of friends without worrying about spending too much.


A meal for two with drinks would cost approximately Rs. 1,500.

Address: Jam Jar Diner, 7A&B Araam Nagar II, JP Road, Versova, Mumbai


Contact Number: 022 26358880



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