Review: Juno’s Pizza – Invasion of the Cheesy Vegetarians

They started in 1974. Juno’s Pizza, a pizza home delivery service that wasn’t a common scenario then. And they continue this legacy now, for all the vegetarians in South Mumbai.


We decided that we’d brighten up Friday afternoon in office by ordering in some pizzas from Juno’s. After all, who doesn’t need a booster by the end of a hard working week? Little did we think of the repercussions of gobbling down cheesy slices of dough, with half a whole working day still hovering over us? We took the risk anyway.


The menu is limited to 6 types of veg-only pizzas that include their House Special with cheese, garlic and capsicum, Full Smash with all toppings, Fiamma with a spicy blend of cheese, chilli and onions, Workout pizza without cheese (what?!), Jain pizza and the classic Margherita. They also have Garlic bread with cheesy dip and a dessert of the day.


We opted for 3 out of the 6 aforementioned pizzas. The slices were thin-crusted, not crispy but not soggy either. They were light and easy to munch on. The classic Margherita was, well, classic. Except for the slightly greasy layer on top, this one was a hit with all the cheese-lovers at our office. The Full Smash was a favourite amongst all, with generous distribution of jalapenos, onions and black olives on the thin dough; this one did not require any extra seasoning. The Fiamma, however, was all about the onions and we wished we ‘d gone for the House Special instead.


The pizza sauce is made fresh every day, with a recipe from 1974 – and that was evident in the pizzas we ordered. The sauce was indeed homely and very delectable. Our dessert was a cup of chocolate mousse, which was light and creamy and not too chocolatey – just how we like it! One of our colleagues rightfully called Juno’s ‘The vegetarian Gujju’s heaven’.


Juno’s Pizza is great for times when you don’t want to even look at your lunch ‘dabba’ in office. It’s very affordable, fresh and a classic homemade twist to the mighty pizza.


A meal for 5 would cost approximately Rs. 1,000 here.


Juno’s Pizza delivers across South Bombay and you can place your orders by calling on 022 64520022/ 33.

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