Review: Lagerbay- Good Food, Not-So-Good Music and Bar

On a sundrenched Saturday afternoon two famished souls walked into Lagerbay, the successor of Zenzi, Bandra. A step inside this resto-bar and your eyes automatically rest on the wall to your left covered with paraphernalia. Lagerbay has shades of wooden interiors and tables set for four (excluding  the one to the near end lit with a chandelier). An open bar that invites you for a quick drink and a brief chat, the interior is simple with art work on the walls. But don’t be quick to judge the place; after all it does come down to food. 

As we sat on our table (a little wobbly, if I must add), our eyes scanned the drinks menu to quench our parched throats. Apart from the handful options available that you might rarely find on every bar menu, you have a set of choices that include signature cocktails, wine cocktails, blended scotch, beer, vodka and gin. Teetotallers can choose from slush, hot chocolate, tea and coffee. After a quick glance through the cocktails, we settled for a blueberry cosmopolitan and a sangrita rocco. Served in squared glasses (greeted with raised eyebrows!), the presentation of the drinks sadly failed to tempt us. The blueberry cosmopolitan with blueberry liquor, cranberry juice and lime vodka turned out to be a little sweet for our liking. However the sangrita rocco was a notch better. While sipping our unimpressive drinks, we filled ourselves with tomato and mozzarella bruschetta. A crisp base topped with tomatoes and pesto drizzle, the appetizer was good enough considering the bad start with the drinks. On the other hand, we weren’t a big fan of the vegetable quesadilla. Although filled with greens, it was a bit salty. For sea food lovers, we recommend the good old fish and chips; it seldom fails to please you, and the big round juicy prawns with calamari.

Our second round of drinks comprised the watermelon caiprojca and the black grape caiprojca. Filled with too much ice till the brim, we gave up on the drinks and the glasses were left untouched.

Next to arrive on the table was the fettucinni and chicken roulade. With paprika cream sauce, bell peppers, brocolli and garlic bread on the side, the fettucinni was a good start to the main course. But the chicken roulade easily scored. Mashed potatoes surrounded by pieces of tender chicken and grilled vegetables on the side; the chicken roulade definitely gets a nod of approval from us. The presentation of dish was perfect and with juicy chicken to bite into, it was one dish that pleased our hearts.

With limited choice for desserts, the hazelnut tart was served on the manager’s insistence. Claiming to be a must-try, we dug into a soft and a good blend of chocolate and hazelnut. With a smooth texture, you bite into a tart that quickly melts into your mouth.

We sat in Lagerbay for almost two hours but unfortunately the same commercial music fell on our ears repeatedly. It would have been better to listen to music by Bob Marley rather than the Maroon 5 being played over and over again.

So to cap it all, although the start was a bit disappointing, we didn’t end up regretting being at Lagerbay. Keeping aside the fact that it replaced the much loved Zenzi, it is a good resto-bar but not a magnificent one. But with a name like Lagerbay, it’s an irony that they fall short on making an impact with drinks.

A meal for two would range approximately between Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 2,500 including alcohol.

Address: Lagerbay, 183, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050

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