Review: Monday Morning Cupcakes From Lulu’s

Lulu’s found us a way to beat those Monday blues – an ordinary looking rectangular box consisting of luscious looking cupcakes. Baked by Nandini Goil, these gourmet cupcakes travelled all the way from Pali Hill early morning to reach our office just in time when we sat to sip our coffee. The images of the cupcakes did not do any justice to what lay in front of us; six scrumptious cupcakes neatly arranged in small rows of three.

Picking up the red velvet cupcake first was no mistake. With Madagascar vanilla cream cheese icing, the red velvet cupcake instantly won our approval. The icing blended well with the rich and deep scarlet cupcake decorated with a pink edible heart. The next to be chosen was the Madagascar vanilla cupcake. A bit of a disappointment after indulging into the red velvet (we were annoyingly partial to the red velvet by then). The base was not too soft and the vanilla butter cream icing wasn’t a hit either. The next on the table was the salted caramel cupcake; an ordinary one with flavours strong enough to please your taste buds.

If you love chocolate, then the Valrhona chocolate cupcake is clearly for you. With Belgian Callebaut milk chocolate ganache, the cupcake melts in your mouth to cause an explosion of chocolate. It was an epicurean delight. The cupcake was somewhere between a rum ball and mousse. No complains there. The red velvet by then seemed to slowly leave our minds to make way for the Valrhona chocolate.

Oreos are never disappointing and the Valrhona chocolate Oreo cupcake wasn’t either. It had butter cream frosting and half an Oreo placed on top of the cupcake. Sounds good? Tastes good as well. Although the frosting was a tad salty, it did blend well. The intentionally kept aside Margarita cupcake worked its charm on a few. With a moist lemon cake and an actual straw sticking out of the cupcake, it had tequila lime filling topped with triple sec frosting. Tempting enough for us to keep the best for the last. While some thought it was an interesting approach to cupcakes, it was a let down for the others. We’ll leave that for you to decide.

With ingredients from around the world, Lulu’s cupcakes are definitely some of the finest that we have tasted yet. The cupcakes are available in eggless, vegan and low fat options. Give a call at 9920075229 to Nandini Goil to order or email It costs Rs. 60 for a regular size cupcake that can be picked up from her Pali Hill residence.

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