Review: New Food and Cocktail Menu at Marine Drive Intercontinental’s Dome

Light music wafted through the air as we walked into Dome, the terrace restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel on Marine Drive. We took in the candlelit tables and the sounds of soft conversation. The sun had just set on the horizon and the late evening scene was nearly perfect.

Being just the two of us and seated at a table for four, we settled into seats (comfortable cushioned couches surrounding a low wide table) next to each other but noted that had this been a dinner for four, the persons sitting across each other would have to strain their voices and ears to make conversation. The crowd was mixed – work dinners to people catching up with friends to couples on a date.  We were excited to check out the new menu that we had heard so much about!

To start off, we decided to try some of the cocktails. We ordered a Sciroco (a lovechild of the Mojito and the Cosmopolitan), which came highly recommended, and a Watermelon Caiprioshka. Although the Sciroco was refreshing, the sourness of the fresh lime overwhelmed the tastes of the cranberry juice and mint. The Watermelon Caiprioshka, which is a summery take on the classic Caipiroska was perfect – light, fruity and very refreshing, we highly recommend this for summer evenings to come. The liquor menu was extensive and there were a number of new and interesting cocktails but being a weeknight, we decided to leave any further debauchery to another day.

We conducted a purely vegetarian tasting (watch out for our review of the non-vegetarian fare offered) and were delighted to see that there were plenty of options in all sections, be it the live grills, sushi or kebabs. The veggie live grills were excellent. The baby spinach and feta phyllo parcels come as little wraps drizzled with balsamic which added just the right flavour. If you’re in the mood to try something different, we recommend this and the delicious chiang mai edamame, dusted with roasted chili, which we thought was a great touch. The barbecue mushrooms were well cooked and flavourful and the spoonfuls of porcini risotto was topped with fresh Parmesan cheese and again we savoured every bite. The veggie bonsai burgerettes came with delicious cole slaw. Yes, we were spoilt for choice and loving it! The presentation of all the dishes was impeccable. Non-vegetarians have lobster, scallops, tuna, prawns, calamari, pork chops, ribs, chicken and more to choose from.

Among the sushi, we tasted the chef’s special roll (lettuce, jalapeno and sundried tomato), the kappa maki (cucumber and wasabi) and the spiced pickled vegetable and spinach. Our favorite was the chef’s special roll. The spiced pickled vegetable was pretty good as well. We found the kappa maki a little too bland for our taste.

Next and last, the Kebab Korner Signatures we tried were the achari paneer tikka, the subz nawabi seekh (beans grilled on a skewer) and the tandoori broccoli. The broccoli was fresh but we felt the mustard marinade was a bit overpowering and the seekh kebab was our least favorite, a bit crumbly and not very flavourful. As expected, the paneer tikka was the clear winner, soft and delicious.

If you do decide to have a veggie meal here, we’d recommend you focus on the live grills, which were all very creative and different.

Overall, we were delighted with our experience – the ambience and the lovely setting, the freshness of the ingredients and the tasteful presentation of the dishes, and the polite and efficient service ensured that we would come back from more. An excellent place for a date or to catch up with an old friend!

Dinner for two would cost upwards of Rs. 5000.

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