Review: Noodle Bar’s New Menu

A place where you can pair noodles of different kinds with almost anything you like (meats, gravies and veggies), we wondered why we hadn’t visited Noodle Bar in so very long. The restaurant has been around for a while, so on a lazy Sunday afternoon we decided to try out dishes from their new Oriental menu and ironically, our choices didn’t involve noodles.


We sipped on our mocktails, Kiwi Fizz, which was fruity and just about the right mix of sweet and sour, and Blue Sea, which was too sweet for our liking and overpowered every other flavour that could’ve been there. It was supposed to have the flavour of litchee that got lost in the sweetness and the fruit that accompanied the drink, as a show-off on the glass, was unappetizing. The thing we liked was the effect the summer colours of these drinks had on our parched throats.


We started our meal with the Pickled Vegetable Dim Sums that came with its own clear sauce of soy and chilli and didn’t need any extra seasoning. We could just pop the bite-sized dumplings in our mouth and feel the crunchy veggies wrapped in soft pockets. The Chicken in Lime and Lemongrass had a beautiful fragrance to it, courtesy lemongrass, and the colourful squares of veggies added texture to this dish.


For main course, we were suggested to try the Malaysian Rendang lamb curry that came in a piping hot pot, with fire underneath it to keep the curry warm. The curry had intense flavours of stair-anise and lemongrass, and coconut milk was a major ingredient in this one. It was much like a thick Goan curry, and it went superbly with the fragrant rice we ordered. The lamb however, was a bit chewy for our liking but those who like it cooked medium, will not mind it.


Next up was the Steamed Basa that came in the chef’s special sauce. It was a dense mix of soya, black pepper sauce and other ingredients that lent this dish all the flavours it needed, without compromising on the original flavour of the fish. The quantity and taste of this dish was great. The Garlic Chilli Chicken was not a rave and can be skipped if you’re looking to break the monotony of regular Chinese savouries.


The table was a collection of varied flavours by the time the desserts came, and we weren’t sure if we could take another bite. But we decided to try the Lime and Lemon Crème Brulee, another recommendation by the staff. This one left a weird aftertaste and reminded us of the lemon chicken we had for starters. Eeeks! Not what you would expect in a dessert. If they were trying this on a trial and error basis, it’s a definite error. Go for the Coconut Jaggery Dragon Rolls instead, it’s everything sweet on a plate. From fried wanton rolls stuffed with coconut and jaggery, topped with toffee sauce to the delicious caramel ice cream, this can quantify as a meal in itself. They also served it with mango ice cream, which punched the sweetness of this dessert in the face. A battle of sweet and sour that we didn’t quite mind.


All in all, our meal was quite satisfying and it put to rest our ever-rumbling tummies that afternoon.


A meal for two at Noodle Bar would cost approximately Rs. 1,600 with 2 mocktails.


Address: Noodle Bar, Summerville Junction, Off 14th and 33rd Road, Linking Road, Khar (W), Mumbai 400052


Contact Number: 022 26044555/777

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