Review of Ankur Restaurant: Gifts, I Can Ignore. But Seafood!

What fascinates you the most? No. No. This is not a piece on fascination. This is a review of what fascinates me the most. So, it better be good. And it was good. I’m writing about my lunch at this restaurant called Ankur that specialises in seafood.  Non-seafood eaters do not leave the page! There are yummy dishes for you as well.

My Sunday afternoon could not be better than this one! The entire lunching session kick started by placing an order for a Fresh Lime Soda and a Frozen Margarita that was truly refreshing. Within a couple of minutes, our starters arrived. Believe me, it all looked extremely delicious! But the taste beat the appearance. One by one came the South Indian Yetti Rava (Prawns on sticks), Kerala Prawns, Fish Thekady (fried in red masala) and Fish Kochi (fried in green masala), all served on banana leaves. So South Indian!  :P

My co-diner and I had to be quick as this tiny home-like roofed restaurant was to shut at 3pm. And there came our main course. We had a little of Prawns Karavali, Spicy Chicken (gravy), Fish Gassi (gravy) and Squids with the pretty famous Neer Dosa. While I loved the squids the most, my companion relished the Spicy Chicken. She almost had my share! All paired very well with the Neer Dosa. What came next was the Prawn Pulav. I was surprised to see it coming in an earthen pot! It reminded me of my grandmother cooking at my house in Goa. It was a little spicy, but unavoidable. You must try it out!

This dimly lit restaurant takes you on a culinary journey through the southern states of India. Service? Excellent! Even though Ankur houses a bar, the restaurant concentrates mainly on food.  With not more than 12 to 15 cocktails, Ankur also serves hot as well as cold beverages. Apart from a variety of seafood preparations listed in the menu, Ankur also offers Chicken, Mutton and Paneer dishes that will be delectable to the non-seafood eaters.

Meal for 2 will cost Rs. 500 to Rs. 700 without alcohol.

Ankur Restaurant

Address: M.P. Shetty Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400023

Telephone: 022 22654194 or 022 22630393

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