Review of Ate-Oh-Ate: Italian Delights Delivered To Your Doorstep

Two big white plastic bags had arrived at our office. The good folks from Ate-Oh-Ate food delivery service had sent us some decently packaged boxes of good looking food to taste.

The food arrived warm, which is very important for food delivery services because no one wants to eat cold food for lunch. The packaging was sublimely good; every dish, carefully packed in aluminium foil, had its own box which it was sealed in. Hygiene is important to Ate-Oh-Ate and it shows in their packaging. Another noteworthy fact was the sturdy plastic cutlery and the adequate number of serviettes, which collectively meant that you could enjoy your meal anywhere and anytime.

The delicious smell of the food greeted us as soon as we opened the boxes and foil wrappings. We wanted to dig right into it and started off with the Creole Potato which is said to be a must try from the menu. The potato wedges, with their skin on, were coated with herbs and other seasonings and went down easily with bite after bite. The dip sent along to accompany the potatoes was also delicious and added more flavour. Slowing things down, we tried Ate-Oh-Ate’s Bruschetta ‘Our’ Way which is the classic bread slices topped with veggies of smoked bell peppers, olives and seasoning. We enjoyed the bruschetta but the downside was the excessive oil which dripped with every bite. Next we tried the Pesto Veggie Wrap which was neatly wrapped in foil and a paper packet. Filled with veggies, pesto sauce and mozzarella, the wrap was quickly devoured. We especially enjoyed the rich taste of olives, but once again the dripping oil was a letdown, especially for the health conscious among us. Moving on, we dove into the Mediterranean Salad which was a mix of vegetables, including dried tomatoes, celery leaves, mushrooms, broccoli, bell peppers and more, tossed in a basil dressing. In between bites we sipped on the Green Apple ‘N’ Lime cooler which was refreshing with sweet-sour flavours. Finally moving on to the heavy main course dish, which was Thai Fettuccine; flat pasta mixed with vegetables in a Thai-style coconut based sauce. The coconut based sauce was a turn off for those who do not like the flavour of coconut in their food, but all the same, the spicy pasta dish was still enjoyed.

There was definitely praise for the Pesto Veggie Wrap and the Creole Potato which was most enjoyed. The Bruschetta ‘Our’ Way was also a favourite for us with its rich flavours. Most of the dishes seemed to have the same ingredients with mild changes in seasoning, sauces and dips, but the combination was a hit for us and we enjoyed the meal from Ate-Oh-Ate. The only regret would be the excess amount of oil which dripped with every bite of the finger foods.

With the ups and downs of it, we enjoyed the service from Ate-Oh-Ate. They make good food and take care of its packing and delivery which is very important, after all, it is a food delivery service!

- Sean Sequeira

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