Review Of Burgs: Fast food – Good, Gourmet – Bad

Going to a fast food joint is almost always an on-the-spot decision when you are looking for a quick meal. Burgs, however, may not fit into your run-of-the-mill fast food restaurant description. Looking at the menu, there is clearly an emphasis on providing a better meal than any other burger restaurant. They class themselves under gourmet, and whether they live up to that mark or not is a topic of discussion based on perception.


What is credible when it comes to the Burgs menu is the variation of meats and veggies they offer. A quick run through and it is clear that alongside chicken, beef, prawn, lamb and pork are also available in the non-veg section, and macaroni and aubergine are suitable veg options, apart from regulars which are available anywhere. The other noticeable differences between their menu and other burger restaurants is also the shakes and sauces which are on offer with the French fries and onion rings.


The service isn’t too bad. A team of seemingly hardworking individuals pick your order and usher it to your table in this all white restaurant at a decent pace once the order is placed. The deliciousness of the meal is subject to choice. While the Notorious P.I.G. is a big hit for taste, it is a rich and heavy meal, the Prawn Kracker is a bland but salty burger which oozes of oil and mayo, may not be the best option. The BBQ Lamb on the other hand is a succulent piece of meat placed in a soft bun and passably good tasting sauce. For vegetarians, the Mac N Cheese Bomb is a favourite and understandably so with a rich taste of pasta, cheese and sauces. The French fries come overdone but the Onion Rings are juicy and go well with their signature super-spicy Inferno sauce, or for a more subtle taste, the Chipotle Mayo. And to wash it all down is a super sweet Peanut Butter & Jelly shake which is not advisable for those who do not enjoy the flavours of peanut butter, or for those who are against sweet flavours in their meal.


Overall, the tastes and flavours aren’t perfect and it does not fit into the gourmet category but certainly a fresh take on fast food. An individual burger is quite a meal in itself, but with a price range of Rs. 170 to Rs. 260, you would wonder how often you will be visiting and if it really is worth the splurge.


- Sean Sequeira

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