Review of Café By The Beach – Sun, Sand And Food Galore

Mumbai is synonymous with being a lively city. And for a city that barely sleeps a wink, having a restaurant nestled by the famous Chowpatty beach with sand underneath your feet and cool breeze, is an escape from the insane routine life. And that is precisely why Cafe By The Beach would score over several restaurants scattered across the city.

As you enter this small world of its own that looks like a picture taken right out from the shacks of Goa, you will instantly forget that you are an inhabitant of Mumbai. This dimly lit cafe has wooden furniture, low music playing in the background and a beach bar. With reclining chairs at one end of the cafe, you can sip your drink and enjoy the view of the glowing sun disappearing in the horizon. The cafe sits amidst coconut trees and will transport you, albeit just for a few hours to your beloved Goa.

On a late Friday evening as we settled down to browse through the exhaustive menu sans liquor (sandwiches, quiches, salads, bouche, viennoiserie, hot dogs, coffee, tea, mocktails, milkshakes, desserts,…phew!) we decided to go the simple way and asked for recommendations. So to start with, a lemon grass cooler and a choco tsunami were brought to our table. The cooler in one word; excuse me but I will resort to a cliché here – was refreshing, with lemon grass and mint topped with chilled soda. The choco tsunami on the other hand was an explosion of chocolate. But with milk and chocolate, this is one drink that you don’t want to gulp down at the start of your meal. It fills up your stomach almost instantly leaving less space for you to enjoy the rest of the meal.

Our next course consisted of sandwiches and a wrap. The Balsamic tomatoes and mozzarella open faced sandwich was bombarded with mozzarella (not that we were complaining!). But for someone who doesn’t like tomatoes, we’d suggest you keep this sandwich at bay. The next sandwich was not just appealing to look at but had a delightful taste as well. With thinly sliced pepper crusted beef, bacon and arugula, this sandwich gained an instant nod of approval. The chipotle wrap with chicken, turkey, jalapeno peppers, lettuce and a zesty chipotle sauce had a nice spicy tinge to it. The good thing about the cafe is that it takes an effort in the presentation of the dishes. It is garnished well and you have options in sauces and finger foods.

The cafe boasts that its USP is in the range of tea that they have to offer. You can choose from the classic masala chai, earl grey, the Darjelling tea, spring tea, autumn tea, Moroccan mint tea, rose tea and more. We decided to call for a Moroccan mint tea and a rose tea. And needless to say, it was a perfect ending act before the curtains finally fall down. The aroma, the taste, the presentation – all good!

All said and done, the cafe is definitely worth another visit. And with delicious food, a laid back environment and a view to enjoy, you barely feel the absence of cocktails. So turn into a teetotaler for a day and head towards this cafe by the beach.

A meal for two would sum up approximately to Rs. 2,000.

Address: Cafe By The Beach, H2O Sports Complex, Chowpatty, Mumbai 400007

- Esha Chanda

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