Review of Cake Links: It’s a Piece of Cake!

Our end of the week couldn’t have been sweeter! Our eyes popped out when the delivery of Cake Links arrived at our office last Friday. As we skimmed through the entire package consisting a large Dutch Truffle cake, a pack of brownies and two boxes of chocolates, our work was forgotten as we distractedly waited for our coffee break at 4 in the afternoon before we sat down to give our taste buds the much awaited treat.

We started off with the cake and to our surprise, in spite of it being homemade, it turned out to be as delicious as it would have been had it been delivered by a professional bakery. Decorated with edible cake beads, the cake was soft and moist. Not too much of chocolate, not too sweet; it was just right.  The icing in particular was a hit among us as we had people devouring solely the icing.

Next, the box of brownies was opened which generated mixed reactions. For some, it was kind of a let down after the cake. The batter was not mixed properly and you could bite pieces of sugar. But for the others, the brownies weren’t bad after all. What I liked about the walnut brownie was that it had a generous amount of walnuts to bite in. So all in all, the brownies couldn’t put up a great show but for some it was worth a bite.

Then we turned our attention to the chocolates. Wrapped in foils of different colors and placed in a small golden box, the chocolate boxes make a good gifting option. The chocolates turned out to be great! The small pieces of almonds, cashews and rice crisps enveloped in milk chocolate and dark chocolate along with marzipan were a good ending to our chocolate indulgence.

Cake Links takes orders for various events including baby showers, corporate gifting, birthdays and more. You can place your order here.

- Esha Chanda

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