Review of Hakkasan – 2nd Anniversary Menu

What we prefer on Sundays: a long, comforting lunch that ends with a warm cup of green tea. What we got at our review of Hakkasan to celebrate their 2nd anniversary menu: all that and probably the best peanut butter ice cream we’ve had in a while.


We started off with a basket of assorted prawn dim sums – each of which we were delighted to bite into. Prawns with a layer of crabmeat (great crunchy texture), prawns with scallops (soft and flavourful), prawns with water chestnut and prawns with corn basically comprised the platter. Seafood addicts will love the sea freshness of these supple bags of wonders. Next up was the golden fried quail. Now, for those like me who have never tried this meat before, definitely have your first bite here. The quail was cooked to perfection, sautéed generously with condiments and toban sauce, and served crispy hot in a cute white basket made out of what looked like vermicelli to us. The prawn salad came to us looking pretty as a painting, full of summer fresh colours. Dragon fruit and kiwi balanced the creaminess of this salad that shone in the afternoon sun. Between bites, we sipped on our refreshingly chilled mocktails –Virgin Hakka with sweet litchi and coconut, and Gili Gili that was made out of fresh mangoes and tasted so very frooti!


All that pretty food satiated us, so we took a tour inside the Hakkasan kitchen – tossing and stirring on one corner, delicate dessert plating on the other – a chaotic sweetness filled the air. Back on our table, the mains waited in anticipation. Truffle braised noodles with tiny shimeji mushrooms were just what we needed after a heavy round of starters. They were light, subtly flavoured and delicious. The Sampei chicken clay pot, however, had too intense a flavour to keep up to the delicate level of the other dishes we loved.


When it came to the desserts, we were spoilt for choice. The homemade ice cream platter consisting flavours of peanut butter, vanilla and coffee, was so creamy, it gave us a warm fuzzy feeling inside. The chocolate mousse was dark, intense, and sinful! Finally, a cup of green tea arrived, and we walked out happy gluttons!


Address: Krystal, 206, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050

Contact Number: 022 26444444

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