Review of Hungry Monsters: Creamy Chocolates and Marmalades

A white box with bright curly ribbons on it arrived on a Monday morning at our office doorstep. With dreamy eyes we wondered what it held inside, while fresh bakery aromas tried to escape through a peeping space.

They would awake the hungry monsters in us, and so we kept it far away from sight and smell, until it was time for some tea.


Hungry Monsters, a home-run business started by Alisha Sequiera, a copywriter by day and baker by night, her passion for plating up sweet treats started when she was only a little toddler. Her menu consists of cakes, brownies, pies, chocolates, tarts, croissants, breads, cookies, pastas and more. We decided to try some out to give you a firsthand review, after looking at mouth-watering pictures on her Facebook page, through which she retails.


Eagerly waiting for teatime, we started off by trying the carrot muffins followed by the banana ones that were so light and fluffy, we could gobble down a whole plate without feeling bloated. Not too sweet either, just perfect with hints of the flavour of fruits it had. Next we tried the strawberry tart that came with a thick base of biscuit filled with sweet and tangy marmalade, topped with a thin slice of fresh strawberry. A hit for us, we were glad that the tart base wasn’t too thin like the ones we’ve tried elsewhere. The chocolate tart too, was a great combination of crumbly tart and velvetty chocolate ganache, sprinkled with chocolate garnish. The cinnamon rolls carried that amazing cinnamon fragrance and the icing sugar helped to balance the flavour. Some may like it sweeter, and this one we thought would require a huge gulp of water later because it lacked the softness and moistness.


The chocolate cupcake was a bit too dense for our liking but the icing was creamy and buttery-smooth, making us almost ignore the thick texture of the cake. Still, we did miss the puffiness. Our only biggest disappointment was the overtly sweet croissant bread stuffed with a paneer filling, the mishmash of which our taste buds simply couldn’t fathom. Maybe a pepper chicken stuffing would’ve done it for us, just maybe.


Alisha is also going to launch a new range of healthy bakes in collaboration with Mickey Mehta this month i.e. March 2013, where the desserts will be free of maida, sugar and butter. This menu will also include natural ingredients like honey or apple sauce for sweetening. That is something every dessert lover should consider trying!


All in all, if you’re looking to having some friends over for a casual party at home, try out Alisha’s desserts and savouries, as they are very well priced (for zoomed versions of the minis you get everywhere), flavourful and not boastful yet true to its worth.


She delivers in Navi Mumbai, places on the Harbour line stations and on the Western line from Churchgate to Santacruz. Only glitch, you’ve got to pick up your parcel from the station or a point convenient to you and her.


A muffin or cupcake would cost you between Rs. 30 and Rs. 40, a tart between Rs. 30 and Rs. 35 and the cakes start from Rs. 180 per kg.


Call Alisha on 9769380184 and let the hungry monster take over!


View Hungry Monsters’ Facebook page here.

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