Review of Indigo Deli, Bandra: Familiar and Comforting

The fourth outpost of Indigo Deli is familiar and what one may call comforting. Given the winning formula behind Indigo Deli, Chef Rahul Akerkar plays safe with the newest location imitating what has worked everywhere else. Scrolling down the menu it looks almost identical to the other locations. There are of course a few additions, a notable one being eggs on the beach, which is eggs served with crabs, however 90 percent of the menu remains the same. This deli is a 70 seater so significantly smaller than the Palladium one but has been created along the same lines. Open kitchen, a counter that sells pastries another for fresh breads. Jams, sauces and other goodies all for sale line the walls, again familiar sights from the other locations.

We ordered the panzanella salad, the eggs divinity, the red pepper and feta wrap along with the ginger lime slushie and a banana walnut smoothie and I can say they all tasted the way they always do. Good.

Given that Akerkar has not strayed far from what he knows has worked, I expect that you will like this Indigo Deli as much as you like any of the others. If your a fan and a Bandra-ite like me, then you will be thrilled they have opened near you. If not then don’t go expecting something new and different.

Indigo Deli, Bandra will be open 9 am to 1:30 am, seven days a week, bringing to Bandra a great addition for all day dining.

Address: Indigo Deli, 8 FatimaVilla, 29th Road, Pali Naka, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050

To make a reservation, call 022 65615111.

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