Review of Pizza Metro Pizza: From Italy to London to Mumbai

When you enter Pizza Metro Pizza, you will be taken into a modern Italian space with a touch of traditional homeliness of copper pans and Toto’s posters (that would be the Charlie Chaplin of Italy). We sat facing the wood-fire oven in the open kitchen, next to a wall that was painted of a typical sunny day in Italy’s local market with fresh produce being sold everywhere.
The super friendly hosts, the perfectly round shaped, stunted wine glasses and Italian music made us feel like we were at an Italian home. We ordered the Palle de Riso, crispy fried rice balls filled with mozzarella, salami and basil. The three pieces were the size of big Christmas baubles and reminded my fellow diner of his student days in Australia when sushi rice rolls were a luxury that he ate only on special occasions. He did end up eating the 3rd piece while in reminiscent mode. Next up was the Scamorza alla Griglia, grilled smoked mozzarella with fresh rocket and cherry tomatoes- a definite must-try. The cheese was oh-my-God silky smooth and the smokiness just made it that much irresistible, just don’t wait too long as the texture of the cheese will get rubbery soon. We realized that it was almost mandatory to pair both these dishes with red wine to wash them down.
At this point, we also noticed the noise pitch going high enough that the music was almost inaudible to the ears. Guess they were keeping up with the Italian tradition of being loud and festive.
For mains, we decided to go for the 12 inch Capricciosa Pizza, sheeted with tomato, parmesan, basil, black olives, mushrooms and ham and salami that we wished were more generously distributed. The flavour was absolutely delectable but the fellow diner didn’t even realize that there was ham on his first slice. His second slice was far more satisfying.
The Gnocchi alla Sorrentina that was cooked in tomato sauce, basil and parmesan was a bit too chewy for our liking and also tasted a lot like homemade tomato soup. Extra rock salts added a bit more flavour to it but this one won’t go in our hits list.
They asked us to keep room for dessert and so we did. Meanwhile, we decided to have a chat with the cute Italian Chefs rolling out meter-long dough for their next pizza. They didn’t speak English but gave us assuring smiles, so we went ahead and took a video of them in action.
Their Pastiera (we love saying it out loud in slow motion in an Italian accent) made a dramatic entry with the Scent of a Woman playing in the background. Of course it was good, cheesecake made out of ricotta cheese and wheat, it was oh-so-sweet, fruity and fell apart in our mouth.
The Chef parcels your take-away food, the hosts bring you wine and cheese, a true Italian friendly affair this was!
The meal, however, can get a bit heavy on the palate and pocket, so order wisely. A meal for two would cost approximately 3,000 without alcohol.
The video is edited by Pratik Gupta. To view his work, click here.
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