Review of Serenity: Let Your House Not Look Like Your Neighbors House

You will get lost as you enter Serenity! This store keeps up with the hustle-bustle of the city. What I simply mean is that this store just makes the entire atmosphere busy with its fun and quirky products all over the place. You will definitely have a hard time choosing what you want. Now, let me take you through a written journey of the store.

The products are simply fun related. If you are a serious person, you may just change your mind and adopt fun! You will find products ranging from wine racks, book shelves, and vintage cabinets to chest of drawers, coffee tables and dining tables. This is not all. Check out for mirrors in wooden frames, framed prints and original artworks. What’s most prominent at Serenity are the cushion covers that capture Indian scenarios. They will surely make you laugh.

Almost all the products are sourced from India itself. “India has a lot of talent, and off late, we’ve also grown in terms of quality,” said Amrit, owner of Serenity.

Amrit decided to call her store Serenity because she houses home related products – furniture, home decor, accessories, etc. And she believes that our home is serene as it is also our comfort zone.

It’s been a little more than a year since Serenity was launched. Since then, the store has gradually started attracting lovers of fun, quirk and pretty things from all over Mumbai. The store mainly aims at letting your house have a personality of its own. Anyone and everyone who wants to stand out, head straight to Serenity to get that look.

Price range: Rs. 200 to Rs. 35,000

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Get complete details on Serenity here. 

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