Review Of Silver Beach Cafe

I’m not going to lie to you; it is very difficult to find the little space known as Silver Beach Cafe. After traversing down the quiet lanes off the main road in Juhu and a stone’s throw away from the beach, you will finally arrive at the dainty quarters of this night-time hang out spot. And it is quite worth it.



Clad in brown with its sleek wood and leather finishing, this little cafe is most definitely out of the way of the regular traffic jams that we fondly remember Juhu by; and that is most probably one of the best things about it. With dim lighting adding to the ominous dark tone of the furniture and wall paint, this two floor cafe sets a tone for light or deep conversations. Add to that the quick vibes of club music playing at low volume and the large glass window/ wall that faces the road and you have an ambience built for success. The mezzanine floor in itself had us sold for being cosy and the overall ambience was much appreciated.



The menu was a marriage of multiple cuisines; not only dishes from different parts of the world, but a melange of ingredients and flavours from different cuisines went into otherwise traditional dishes to give a final outcome of a original and authentic dish and flavour produced only in the Silver Beach Cafe kitchen. With an array of wines, and an open display to see where exactly it comes from, a certain few cocktails and mocktails, the drinks on the menu were also tempting enough to try them all. But settling for a Sangria Rosso was a good choice. Delicious and fruity, it may hold to sweet for some, but in the end is a brilliant alcoholic accomplice for the night.



For starters, the Vegetable Wrap was a decent enough dish, but the peanuts were a bit of a throw off. Nevertheless, the Tangy Chicken Curls was very welcoming; stuffed with Parmesan cheese and a mushroom to add flavour to the chicken cooked in a nice tangy sauce. The next choices of Blue Cheese + Smoked Chicken + Olive Thin Crust Pizza and English Cheddar stuffed Fresh Mushroom Tempura could do no wrong; the mix of strong flavoured blue cheese with a hit of mozzarella and the added flavour of chicken in the pizza, while a sweet and tangy sauce over the tempura batter fried mushrooms made for a delicious dish. For mains, it was the Ratatouille Risotto, one of those cross country Silver Beach Cafe blends, and the Harissa Marinated Pan Seared Fish, both of which were strong flavourful dishes. The risotto is no walk in the park; a heavy dish blending French and Italian culinary geniuses to provide a taste which can be appreciated by the Indian palate. The fish however was mildly spicy with black peppercorn and harissa dominating the flavours, but a good choice nonetheless.



Dessert was a treat; most definitely a wow. The Chocolate Pizza may be little messy and a little rich after a full meal, but the rich flavour of chocolate on a thin crust pizza, topped with walnuts and marshmallows is way too much to pass up.


The management and staff are pleasant, and on occasion may provide excellent company to sit down and converse with; especially over interesting topics that matter to everyone or none in particular. But Silver Beach Cafe is a well kept eatery with a decadent vibe of historical pride, mixed cultural identity and gourmet fancy.



Worth visiting and returning to, that’s for sure, especially if you have the right audience to keep you company.



A meal for 2, with alcohol, would amount to Rs. 2,600 approximately.



- Sean Sequeira


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