Review: Otto Infinito’s Sunday Brunch

It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini at our easy breezy Sunday brunch at Otto Infinito (you can sing-song your way through this review if you like, we did too). We started off our lazy afternoon in the outdoor section of the restaurant listening to the guitarist’s peppy number, who I think dedicated the song to my fellow petite anglaise-esque diner. Retro sunglasses, windy winter afternoon, a glass of sparkly, aromatic food and live performance of our favourite songs, no room for error there.
At the Sunday brunch here that can go on for 4 hours if you like, you will find a widespread of salads for all taste buds to start with. We took a bit of everything, but our favourites were the broccoli, baby tomatoes and other greens salad that looked like it had all the colours for a summery fresh painting’s palate, the baby baked potatoes and bacon salad, which had a smoky flavour that was creamy and delish, and the pasta salad that was just the right amount of tangy.
There is a live eggs counter where you can choose your own fillings, an array of different types of breads, a live pasta counter and lots of pretty looking desserts to choose from. We got a sprialing oregano bread with our salad that we loved and called for the Spinach Fataya and Falafels from the menu. The fataya was crispy on the outside, with a soft filling of spinach and cheese that went well with their Lebanese sauce, while the falafel came with a spicy mayo sauce. Next up was the Harissa Basa that was buttery soft but missed the spicy flavour of the harissa. The Basil Chicken came with its skin on but went well with crunchy veggies it was cooked with and had a good flavour to it.
You will tend to over-eat with so many options for everything, but binge Sundays are always excusable. Next up, we went to the live pasta counter and customized our version of a smooth penne one with sweet corn, olives, chicken and jalapenos. It was one of the best pastas we’ve had – light and not heavy albeit being rich and creamy.
Hey Jude by the Beatles accompanied our desserts platter that consisted of a glittery rum ball (yum of course), rich chocolate mousse, fruit custard (that can be skipped) and our fav. – flourless chocolate cake with peach mousse. The sweet velvety mousse layered with that divine dark chocolate won us over. Also, extra points to the guitarist for humming The Beatles so well.
If your Sunday to-do-list has the words lazy, yummy, outdoor and music in it, make Otto Infinito part of it too!
Priced at Rs.1, 250 for food and Rs.1, 850 with alcohol inclusive of all taxes, the Sunday Brunch menu is available from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm.
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