Review: Pastelitos at Nariman Point

We checked out Pastelitos, Nariman Point’s newest cupcake joint, nestled at the far end of CR2 mall next to the mall entrance of Ristorante Prego. Who could resist the lure of a good sugar rush to help you get through the boring work day? After hearing a couple of good reviews about the place, we headed there for a sweet ending to our lunch. Sadly, we were left disappointed.
Specializing in cupcakes and custom made cakes, the store greets you with a candy floss ambience, complete with pink cupcake wall paper and a couple of tables and high chairs to slink in and indulge in your purchases. On offer are regular flavours like Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate chip, Oreo and Red Velvet. The mini versions are priced at Rs. 40 or Rs. 45 and the larger size is priced at Rs. 80 and Rs. 85. 
We tried the Chocolate Mini, Chocolate Chip Mini, Kit Kat Mini and Red Velvet cupcakes. The base was nice and moist for all the cupcakes, but we were disappointed by the icing for the Red Velvet and the Kit Kat cupcakes. We were tempted to try the vanilla cupcakes too, but were put off by the overtly bright icing with loads of food colouring which they need to go easy on.
The Kit Kat cupcake tasted like a regular chocolate cupcake with pieces of soggy Kit Kat floating in the icing. For 85 bucks a pop we were expecting a fluffy cream cheese frosting to cut the sweetness of the red velvet cupcake. Instead, it had an overtly sweet and a bit grainy butter cream frosting. The Red Velvet base cake was bland to try to cut out the sweetness of the icing, but it still ended up being a little too sugary for our liking. We did however like the Chocolate and the chocolate Chip cupcakes with their creamy frosting and would probably drop in again for those to satiate our sugar cravings.
Pastelitos is at CR2 Mall, Shop No. 11 A, Nariman Point, contact 23066661/2/3, Rs 40 and Rs.45 for a mini cupcake, Rs 80 and Rs.85 for a large cupcake.
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