Review: Ping Pong Restaurant at BKC, Mumbai

Ping Pong Mumbai

After the much-anticipated opening and mixed reviews of UK’s dim sum haven, Ping Pong Restaurant at BKC, Mumbai, we decided to test it out ourselves.

Back to Office

Thinking maybe we could get away from midweek work chaos for a fun, interesting meal, we were welcomed with an even chaotic atmosphere due to a corporate get together happening on the same evening. After exchanging silent disappointed glances with my fellow diner and switching tables twice, we realised it was a vain effort to try to escape the commotion. We hoped that a generous glass of red wine and a steaming pot of dim sums would make up for it, so we got to ticking our meal options from their menu.

Ping Pong Mumbai

Ping Pong Mumbai

Steam Pots and Thoughts

A huge gulp and a prawn cracker later, our first steaming pot of 3 spicy chicken dumplings arrived. Sticky on the outside with a crunchy filling of veggies and tiny chicken cubes, this one was fiery nice, especially after slightly dipping it in the chilli oil sauce with dried shrimps. While my fellow diner enjoyed the griddled spinach and mushroom dumplings albeit it being rather ordinary and bland for the Indian palate, I reckon a Chinese home-cooked meal would taste just that, so I concurred. The honey roasted chicken puff topped with a piece of pineapple was just what we needed (with the wine of course) to tune out of the high spirited out-of-office-corporates! The puffs were crisp on the outside with a melt-in-the-mouth sweet filling that made a perfect blend of contrasting flavours with the chilli sauce. The tiny puffs definitely go in the comfort food category for a winter evening. But then came the unexciting noodle pot, which was just boiled noodles with chicken. We did, however, like the asparagus and peas that added some texture to the dish.

Sweet Endings

Finally, the dessert of the day, the saving grace, the chocolate mousse arrived. Rich, creamy, dark, it had all the elements of being sinful, and our inner glutton felt satisfied.

Yes, the service was quick, the staff amiable and apologetic, the look trendy, but the meal was average and the portions too little. Question is: would we especially pick a day and visit Ping Pong when it’s off-route for a quiet meal? It’s a rhetorical question, if you were wondering what the answer would be. What we can say is that it failed to impress us with what it claims to specialize in – authentic and delicious dim sums.

A meal for two would cost approximately Rs. 2,000 excluding taxes.

Address: Ground Floor, First International Financial Centre, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex

Contact: 22 6741 3333

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