Review: Pizza By The Bay

Sunday nights mixed with intoxicating drinks, detuned singing with a blue screen prompting lyrics at you, similar faces greeting you and pizzas to satisfy that voracious appetite, is what we have missed sourly since Jazz By The Bay shut. We can only imagine how cynical the regulars might have been when the karaoke bar was replaced by Pizza By The Bay, a complete contradiction to what it used to be. Now a posh, all white contemporary decor, lavishly spaced yet giving you a casual dining feel is the impression Pizza By The Bay gives out.


The restaurant has an extensive menu comprising fresh salads, snacks, soups, pastas and risottos, pizzas (of course) and more. Along with their special breakfast menu and a lunch buffet, their happy hours is what we opted for, as it’s perfect after a hard days work.  We started with a glass of champagne and jalapeno poppers. I have a theory for poppers at an Italian restaurant, since they are different and similar at the same time, every where. If they are good enough to simply melt in your mouth, you know it’s going to be a good meal. Pizza By The Bay passes that theory with full marks! Next on the plate were the Paprika Potatoes which reminded us of the wedges at Mc Donalds, not that they were bad, but something that’s so common should remain for those junk food franchises. The Pollo Grande, chicken wings in cayenne pepper was crunchy and served with hot garlic sauce. Crunchy but not juicy enough, we expected more succulent meat in the wings.


Pizzeria was still being reminisced, until the latest additions of pizzas in the menu arrived on our table. We couldn’t wait to bite into Pollo Arrabiata, a whole pizza topped with smoked chicken, pepperonata, fresh mozzarella, all baked in a spicy arrabiata sauce and centred with fresh salad. What a delightful sight it was! We relished each nibble and took our sweet time to savour it. Our second favourite will definitely make the vegeterians want to visit the place. The Via Veggie had so many intimidating veggies, a risk taken well. The zucchini, eggplant with olives went so well with the fresh basil pesto and cheese that even the meat-eaters or shall we say meaters, couldn’t resist taking a bite.


The dessert menu looked promising and so did the presentation when it appeared out  of the kitchen. When you expect more, you seldom get what you want. Our case was mixed, a very appealing description of the Chocolate Glory: vanilla gelato with chocolate fudge cake and cinnamon chocolate drizzled around; it wasn’t so glorious to keep us asking for more. The tiramisu and the dark chocolate truffle cake served with an espresso shot, however, was a blessing for our taste buds and we definitely suggest their mini desserts section to have a perfect ending to your meal.


Jazz may have been replaced by Pizza but we still approve of the renewed place and for those who miss their good ol’ days, it’s time to create new memories.


A meal for two at Pizza By The Bay would cost approximately Rs. 1,500 for two people without alchohol. 


Address: 143, Soona Mahal, Near Ambassador Hotel, Marine Drive, Mumbai 400020
Contact Number: 022 22851876
- Sneha Mankani
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