Review: Polpo Cafe and Bar at Shatranj Napoli

If your Saturday afternoons are spent having fresh fruit sparkling sangrias and giant-sized cookies with lunch that goes on for over 2 hours, you know your weekend has kick-started. A breezy late afternoon at Polpo Café and Bar that is recently opened at the revamped Shatranj Napoli off Carter road, witnessed a bunch of foodies, undeniably hungry, doing just that.


We started off with their classic red wine sangria, sparkling sangria and a white wine one – all of which were chilled with fresh fruits that soothed our parched throats.


The space is perfect for a weekend brunch; glass windows that let the sunshine through to gleam upon white interiors with pretty paintings on the walls. And of course, Christmas decorations were in the pipeline as we saw a tiny little tree, a welcoming Santa and mistletoe which will be right above your head when you enter!


The lunch commenced with a variety of starters, one of which was the Pollo Della Chef: grilled chicken marinated in mustard and served with garlic mayo. It was buttery and perfectly cooked. The Zucchini Fritters were crispy while the Founduta di Funghi (mushrooms filled with cheese and spicy tomato sauce) was rich and creamy. The Caprese salad came in generous quantities of fresh rocket and tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella with pesto dressing that looked farm fresh and delicious!


In the middle of all the passing of plates and tinkling of forks, a friend got served what looked like a hot cup of coffee. Curious looks made her respond, “Why, this is a part of my meal, it’s a Cappuccino soup!” It was chicken soup in a coffee cup. We couldn’t digest that fact.


Moving on, for mains we tried the Toscana Pizza that has a pesto base with chicken, onions and mozzarella as toppings. It was well seasoned and thin crusted, just how we like our pizzas. The Penne alla Romana was a creamy blend of white sauce with chicken and wild mushrooms. A bit sour for our liking, this one is for the mushroom fans.


The air kept bringing with it fragrances from the open kitchen which gave us hints of what was next on the plate. Sweetness is what prevailed by the end of it, leading us to think our dessert would be worth the wait.


Thus came the Pizookie, or as the Latin’s call it ‘the best dessert in the world’. We stared as the huge oven-fresh cookie (enough for at least 4 to enjoy) came to us but quickly dug in; afraid the cookie monster was watching. It was a warm bite of soft, sweet heaven with a cold kick of vanilla ice-cream topped with macadamia nuts and chocolate sauce. Need we say more?


Polpo Café and Bar is definitely on our list of re-visits. A meal for two here would cost approximately Rs. 1,500.


Address: 12, Union Park, Pali Hill, Khar(W), Mumbai

Contact Number: 022 26498458

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