Review: Serene Experience at Rewa Spa

Recently tried out this new spa just off Pedder Road called Rewa Escape. Had a little bit of difficulty finding the place even though the directions were excellent as there is no signage at the entrance.  However on finding the spa, I was pleasantly surprised as once you’re at Rewa you almost forget that you are in Mumbai and just off an extremely busy main road.

Rewa is probably the only spa in Mumbai that has floor to ceiling windows that actually has a view. One looks out at a garden and then the sea. You cannot hear cars honking, people talking, none of the usual noise you hear in Mumbai. In addition the spa itself, has four chairs that are nicely spaced out so you are not sitting on top of the person next to you. More importantly all the treatments at Rewa are from fresh produce and there is no chemical treatments, no hair dryers, no fumes to ruin your spa day.

I got myself a manicure and a pedicure and their signature toksen massage. The manicure pedicure was excellent. The staff was professional and courteous. While I am finicky about cleanliness, I could not complain about one thing. The foot tub was clean, the staff kept changing towels every time they wiped your feet or your hands and they did a very thorough job of everything. While Rewa does offer a regular manicure and pedicure they have over 10 treatments that you can choose from which include a scrub and a wrap in the treatment. I was told that all the products for these scrubs and wraps are made fresh daily and are not stored overnight.

The toksen massage however was not my cup of tea. They take a wooden hammer and nail and hammer along your nerves. While it doesn’t feel bad, I did not find it relaxing and would probably try another one of their massages next time. The therapist was excellent and polite and all the massages they offer are dry massages with no oil so you don’t have to worry about changing and washing later.

Overall a great experience, I would definitely go back and I have already recommended it to friends.

Manicure and Pedicure packages start at Rs.800

Massages are Rs. 2500 upwards.

To make a reservation call:  022 23520580/9619444993.

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