Review: Taste India In Every Bite at Veda

PALLADIUM has become one of our favourite destinations in town to either shop or simply hangout. You would have noticed the restaurant – Veda - on Level 2. It’s quite attractive. A couple of my friends had a lot to say about the food the restaurant serves, the look and feel as well. No doubt, even I spent almost 3 hours enjoying the food, the drinks and the music at this uber chic Indian restaurant by Rohit Bal & Alok Aggarwal that exemplifies everything that is grand, luxurious and majestic. This warmly lit dining room looks adorable with its traditional and contemporary set up, with mirrors all over the room and the seating.

I usually prefer writing course by course, but this time I shall tweak it a bit. How about starting with the best dish? So, my favourite was the Assorted Seafood Platter. Honestly, I’d been to Veda specially for the Pomfret Tandoori. It turned out to be much more delicious than it appeared in the picture. Simultaneously, we sipped on Virgin Martinis – Apple, and Pineapple and Ginger. These mocktails were fresh and natural. I loved it! You are sure to be served Papad as soon as you take to your table. Our starters also included Paneer on Fire. Pierced with a fork, it embraces the ingredients into one savoury whole.

Next what I loved was the dessert – Malai Kulfi! The kulfi was garnished with tiny apple pieces that could not be skipped. Yummy! I could ask for more, but my tummy had an objection as I was full with the main dish. We wanted our main course to be light. So, we started scanning the menu to find something that would turn out to be a good choice, and our eyes paused at Chicken in South Indian Style (Dakshin) along with Roti. Hmm… This was flavourful. When the restaurant says it focuses on Indian cuisine, it certainly does, and does justice as well. Our main course was accompanied with a Mojito and a Bloody Mary. All paired well.

That was the best as I promised. The most irritating, time consuming and confusing bit about Veda is the menu! It is not straight forward and it lacks clarity. I couldn’t figure which course was where. And considering the crowd that visits Veda, even service gets poor after a point. But the ambiance and the soothing lounge music makes up for most of this.

Veda also has a private room, where anyone can host a party by booking the place at least 3 days in advance. On these days, the restaurant is closed for other visitors. During other days, you can either reserve your table or simply walk-in. Dinner for 2 will come up to Rs. 2000 without drinks.

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