Review: Woodside All Day Bar and Eatery

It’s a big long road. Not winding, just straight and broad, lined up with police stations, stores, restaurants, bars, shopping centres, residential buildings and more. It’s the Oshiwara Link Road and our target wasWoodside All Day Bar and Eatery.

The first outlet, Woodside Inn at Colaba, was right in the heart of the commercial city; a neighbourhood pub to chill out after work and enjoy a few drinks. This eatery is more of an all day drinking, eating and, most importantly, relaxing hang out spot in the heart of commercial Andheri, but still far enough to avoid the crowd, traffic and construction.

Equipped with an alfresco dining area, a semi-casual dining air conditioned zone and a bar which extends in both the outdoor and indoor areas, this wood and warm tone furnished eatery is lined with wall paintings outdoors and dim lights and photographs indoors; all to set a comfortable ambience completed by classic rock music spanning over multiple decades.

Woodside really serves as a nice place to enjoy with friends with its continental and Italian rich cuisine of soups, starters, pizzas, pastas and more. Even more so, they have interesting meal choices with their Monthly Specials menu which feature dishes catered for the month. To quench your thirst, you have a special wine menu, cocktails, mocktails and juices. The Strawberry Sweetheart was a delicious mocktail with subtle strawberry mixed with the heavy taste of guava and pineapple. The soups on call are also rich in herbs, as most of the items on their menu; the Mushroom with Thyme soup had a thin broth flavoured richly with the salty herb and diced pieces of chicken which could be added or enjoyed vegetarian, on request. The next course to savour is the starters, where you can enjoy the spicy Grilled Harissa Chicken, a well presented dish of grilled, marinated chicken on satay sticks, or the Crumb Fried Stuffed Mushrooms, big mushrooms which were stuffed, fried and then halved; they may not be the richest in flavour but have a delicious mayonnaise dip to go along with the juicy, chewy vegetarian fare. The main course has brilliant choices. Get past the numerous options of pizzas and pastas, which can further be mixed and matched for countless varieties, and you stumble upon the plates of Hand made Gnocchi Aglio Olio, a far too bland serving of pasta and potato gnocchi which was tossed in mixed vegetables and a generous serving of olive oil, garnished with cheese gratings, basil leaves and chilli flakes. Devoid of any herbs or flavours, the gnocchi was not one to savour, but maybe it is a matter of preference. In comparison, the chicken preparations were delicious. The Citrus Paprika Chicken was a dish comprising two well cooked pieces of boneless chicken, marinated in a sweet citrus flavoured sauce, sitting atop a base of spinach and roasted potato wedges. To top off the meal, dessert has delicious options and the brilliant Mississippi Mudpie, with ice cream on request, is a light cake, rich in chocolate which fills your mouth and sticks to your teeth and palate.

Maybe their strong point is non-vegetarian preparations and they fall short on vegetarian meals, but the friendly staff and management are eager to know how they can serve you better. A meal for two, without alcohol, sums up to Rs 1,800.

It could be a formal meal, or just a casual drink, Woodside seems prepared to handle it all with great meal choices, options in beverages and great finger food. If a full heavy meal isn’t appealing, then you could definitely visit for an all day lounging session.

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