Review: Xocolat’s Desserts

Let’s ignore the nasty green-eyed calories hiding in the corner smirking at us as we open the box of desserts from Xocolat. We’ll tackle them later.  It’s time to get back to those desserts.


A media professional turned home baker, Yashita Suchde runs her business under the name Xocolat at her home in Peddar Road.


To start with, the brownies in the box had a nice crisp top to look at but weren’t fudgy and gooey from the inside. Although it was neither too sweet nor too bitter and those clandestine chunks of chocolates blended in the batter were a delight for some, the brownie failed to score on our palette.  We weren’t fans of all the cupcakes either. The one with the plain butter cream icing was too buttery for its own good. The chocolate butter cream one on the other hand was a notch better. The icing had a smooth and silky texture and the base was soft to bite into. The ganache one appeared the best of the three with little silver edible beads. The bitter taste of the dark chocolate icing blended well with the soft and sweet base of the cupcake.


Next in line were the petite treats. The bite-sized chocolates enveloped around almonds were delectable. The rich tantalising chocolate with the crunchy nuts could give other bakers a run for their money.


The cake pop or the rum ball look-alike as we like to call it, was incredibly delicious. The chocolate shell with colourful edible beads gave way, with a little snap to a moist cake inside. But the truffles stole the show. Small and crunchy from the outside, the truffles easily melted in our mouths to cause an explosion of chocolate.  Although the plain one was as delicious as the rest, we prefer our truffles with a coating of almonds and hazelnuts. You’d be nuts not like it. And of course, if it’s chocolate that you live and will die for, the cocoa one is for you.


Xocolat offers baked goods that are made from scratch and therefore require at least 48 hours of notice before delivery. Goods have to be picked up from their kitchens but they deliver in case of bulk deliveries for an additional cost.


Desserts start from Rs. 15 per piece.

Address: 9, Maheshwar Niketan, 5B Peddar Road, Mumbai 26

Contact number:  9820224887


- Esha Chanda 


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