6 Role Play Costumes To Spice Up Your Bedroom

The first few months of the relationship are simply exciting; everything from holding hands to pillow talk gets butterflies in the stomach. But as time passes by, you tend to get used to each other emotionally and mentally—plus the sex can become monotonous. So why not add zing to your sex life with role play and costumes? Here are six sensual costumes by Undercover Lingerie that are guaranteed to bring the spice back into your bedroom. After all, when in love, everyday is a special occasion!

1. Be Bunny
Get your man to live out his Playboy Mate fantasy by donning a kinky and cute bunny costume. Equipped with bunny ears, neck bowtie and cuffs, this is just what you need to tease him. Make it hard for him to be a gentleman!

role play costumes

2. Catwoman
He has been secretly drooling over Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman role in The Dark Knight Rises, and you know it. Surprise him this weekend, by being in charge and wearing this velvety outfit. Trust us, it will be purr-fect!

role play costumes

3. Enticing Elf
Why make him wait for Christmas for his gift? Let this elf costume do all the work. Since he’s been naughty, tease him and get him to earn his gift. Add a bit of seductive makeup along with that adorably sexy hat.

role play costumes

4. Sailor Girl
Let him get on board and have a great, sensual view with your sailor costume. Show him your moves and play with your hat and scarf—he will definitely find it tough to resist.

role play costumes

5. Sexy Stewardess
Be at his service and make your man have a good time with this air-hostess costume. This outfit will surely take your lovemaking to new heights.
role play costumes6. French Maid
Does he hate cleaning his house? Give him a helping hand with this French maid outfit. The frilly bra and bottom paired with a cute hairband will surely be a great incentive for him to listen to you.

role play costumes

Find other interesting costumes to surprise your man here. Stay sexy!

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