Roll in Goll Opens at Carter Road

If you live in Mumbai, you know that if you want to find food in abundance with choices for almost every palate, you head to Carter road. This stretch in Bandra that never seems to fall short of space is full of tiny eateries that spring up every fortnight.
For all those who love their after-party midnight wraps and rolls (saviours clad in soft roomali roti) there is a new kati roll joint at no-guesses-where, to satiate those fast food cravings.
This one’s called Roll in Goll, colourfully joining it’s neighbour Maroosh on Carter Road. The eatery is tiny but has a few stools kept outside for those who want to grab a quick bite. More of a take-away joint, the menu here comprises different types of rolls in veg and non veg (chicken tikka, malai tikka, paneer kalimirchi, mushroom roll), pizzas, sandwiches, milkshakes and juices. So it is one of those go-to places when you just want to bite into a good ol’ fatty, meaty, spicy roll without think about the gym. 
The price of the rolls here starts from Rs. 100 and they are open every day from 4 pm till midnight. 
Roll one to go, please. 
Note: Picture is used from Corbis Images for representational purposes only.
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