Sak9: Pretty Hand Painted Gifts Online

Everyone is in a fix when it comes to finding the right gifts. Techie Shweta Bhargava too, faced the same problem, and so she started selling pretty hand painted gifts online. Sak9, her dream, her determination, is all about painting thoughts in a conventional fashion on modern day objects.
These objects include shot glasses, cups, teapots, wine glasses, wine bottles turned into colourful lamps and more. They also plan to expand their services by making hand painted T-shirts, shoes, scarves and the likes in the near future.
Traditional fisherwomen on your shot glass, classic rock bands on your wine bottle, bright butterflies on your cups or a Pink Floyd themed tea-set. All this would make for great gifting items, especially because they can be customized based on your favourite colour or any sort of inscription you wish to get on the product.
Every item is made in-house by a team of talented painters, who make sure every product has a story to tell. The price range of the products starts from Rs. 200 and they deliver products across the world.
To get in touch, call them on 9836311791 from 10 am till 8 pm or send an email to
View Sak9’s shop here.
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