Salon and Spa Review: From Monalisa to Samui

Monalisa Beauty Salon and SpaI thought my beauty affair was limited to Monalisa Beauty Salon and Spa — A unisex salon that has welcomed a number of celebrities since its inception in 1989. And after hearing much about this salon, I decided to go ahead and review it.

First Impression

The salon can be located easily because of its Red and Yellow theme. In addition, it is just off J.P road in 7 Bungalows. How much ever welcoming the salon may look, you still require an appointment or you may have to go with the fear of having no one to serve you.

Which treatments did I wish to review?

So, since Monalisa has a salon as well as a spa, I chose Foot reflexology (spa treatment) and clean up (salon treatment). I decided to begin by treating my tired feet. To my surprise, I was escorted to a place called Samui Thai Foot Spa. To solve my confusion, I asked what the next door spa had to do with Monalisa. However, Samui Thai Foot Spa was launched 3 months ago and is very much a part of Monalisa Beauty Salon and Spa.  And from here began my sensuous journey.

How were the treatments?

I was seated in a “purple” room with floral fragrance dominating the dim lighting. I was required to change into a comfortable garment that added to the relaxing hour. But I have one complaint! I found it a little difficult to follow the instructions given to me by my attendant as he was unclear. Anyway, with my legs rested comfortably, the massage began. The massaging stick made the start followed by the cream. He massaged using the tip of his fingers, his knuckles, and his palm as I lay relaxed in my chair. This foot massage extended to head, back and shoulder as well. What more could I ask for? On the whole, a refreshing spa massage.

I was taken back to Monalisa Salon to complete my second treatment. They first tested my skin, and accordingly put forward a platter of creams. Once again, a gentle face massage, followed by a scrub and then a mask.

Other treatments/ Services offered

Monalisa Beauty Salon and Spa specialises in hair treatments with trained stylists doing their job. Apart from this, the salon also boasts of its skin and make up services including facials, clean ups and anti-ageing treatments. You can go ahead and pamper yourself with relaxing and rejuvenating spa massages and therapies for your body.

InOnIt Ratings

I will give Monalisa Beauty Salon and Spa 9/10. Why? Communication is important, but most important is service. Treatments opted were excellent. No regrets whatsoever.

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