Salt Water Cafe Churchgate: Goodness from Bandra Arrives in SoBo

We entered the new Salt Water Cafe in Churchgate to be greeted by familiar surroundings – a warmly lit ambience, wooden flooring and furniture, and brick walls. Like its Bandra predecessor, the restaurant is divided into a few seating sections.

The first section has floor to ceiling windows, and as you go further inside, the inner area is divided into a few levels – a mid section, a lower level and a mezzanine level.

We’ve always been partial to the booths by the window (which would be really nice to sit at for lunch as well), and luckily for us, one was available so we quickly seated ourselves.

Cocktail Hour

Chocolate Martini Salt Water Cafe

Chocolate and Tangerine Martini

The beverage and liquor list was quite extensive, and as we skimmed through it, we noticed a good selection of wine and wine cocktails, sangria pitchers, and even fresh fruit and dry fruit smoothies.

We started off with a Plum Mocktail and a Virgin Mojito. The Plum Mocktail with yummy bits of fruit served in a martini glass was delicious. The mojito was, to our delight, just right (and not too sweet).

Being a Thursday night, we figured we may as well start the weekend early, and sample some cocktails for our readers. So here is what we tried:

  • The Chocolate and Tangerine Martini, which was garnished with a piece of Kit Kat, was an interesting combination and a must try for those who love to mix orange with chocolate. Disclaimer: it’s not too chocolate-y, and if that’s what you’re in the mood for, we suggest you go for a plain chocolate martini. Also, it’s a heavier drink so maybe not a great choice if you plan on eating after.
  • Pomegranate and Thyme Martini was fruity but not too sweet, and really quite light and refreshing.
  • The Celery and Green Apple Bellini was our favourite! The green apple flavour goes perfectly with champagne and the celery complimented it well. A great concoction of different flavours!
  • The Peach and Plum Mellini was very well made, and both flavours were prominent.
  • We also tried the Arugula, Basil and Rock Salt Martini, which sounded interesting, but was a tad too bitter for our palate.

Appetizers + Main Course

Three Mushroom Salad at Salt Water Cafe

Warm Three Mushroom Salad

Worry not, we were not too inebriated as we moved on to finally trying the food. The Warm Three Mushroom Salad had a delicious dressing and the ingredients were very fresh (midway through writing this review, I have a sudden urge to go back just for this).

The Polenta Chicken had a nice crispy crust and although deep fried, was not too oily. The highlight of this dish for us was the spicy chilli dip, delicately spiced and hence more flavourful without being too harsh on the palate.

Polenta Chicken Salt Water Cafe

Crispy Polenta Chicken

Next on our appetizer list was the Prawn Calamari and the Roasted Pepper and Cambert Crostini. The Prawn Calamari was good, but we enjoyed the chicken much more. The Crostini was garnished with a delicious pesto sauce, and the bread was nice and crisp. We gathered the veggies must have been marinated in pesto too.

Jon Dory Salt Water Cafe

Jon Dory

Moving on to the main course, we decided to try one each of a veg and non-veg dish. Recommended by our server, we went for the Pan Seared John Dory and the Sundried tomato + Olives + Peppers + Jalapeno Cream Penne.

We asked for a red sauce here instead of the cream sauce. The John Dory was a big hit with us. Very delicately seared, and flavourful but not so overwhelming as to take away from the taste of the fish.

Salt Water Cafe Pasta

Sundried Tomato + Olives + Jalapeno Cream

The Sundried Tomato Risotto that it was served on was delicious and creamy. As we tucked into our mains, we noticed the fish had a yummy lemon-y taste.

The penne was delicious too. We’ve tried this combination at the Bandra restaurant before (and loved it), and it did not fail us here.

Dessert + Chai

Chocolate Fondant with Raspberry Sorbet

Chocolate Fondant with Raspberry Sorbet

Finally, we found our insides bursting, but the lure of the Warm Chocolate Fondant with Raspberry Sorbet was hard to resist.

It’s a 15 minute wait, so be sure to order it a bit in advance if you do not want to be waiting. Although the presentation was good, we didn’t feel the fondant hit the right note.

The outer cake felt a bit dry, and the oozing chocolate was not as tasty as it looked tempting. On the other hand, the raspberry sorbet was very tasty.

Tea Salt Water Cafe

Finest Jasmine Pearls

We decided we may as well try and make up for all this gluttony by having some green tea and digesting (hopefully some of the food).

The tea list was extensive and we had plenty to choose from. We ordered the Finest Jasmine Pearls, which is a semi white, semi green tea. Served in a clear glass and accompanied by a timer to determine the strength of the flavouring, we loved the presentation.

The aromas of this tea were delicious, and we were happy to end our meal on this note. And go for a long, long walk.


Address: 82 Nagin Mahal, Opposite Gaylord, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai

Contact: 022 66336070

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