Sania Mirza’s Lipstick Is Trending? You’ve Got To Be Joking!

sania mirza lipstick

Okay, we’ll be the first to say it—Twitter has officially lost it! Late last night, a new trend arose on the social network—Sania Mirza’s lipstick. The tennis player was seen watching the IPL match in Hyderabad wearing a bright pink/purple shade that, though wasn’t spectacular, didn’t deserve all the vitriol. We think it was just another tweeter looking for his 15 seconds of fame by trolling her. How else would you explain lame remarks such as this?


And this.


And this.


And this.


To Sania’s credit, she took the whole thing in her stride and even tweeted back about it.


We agree 100%, Sania!

Trolling is the equivalent of online bullying and sort of reminds us of this rap song created by two young boys on this season’s Britain’s Got Talent. #CollectiveAwww


What do you think? Did Sania Mirza’s lipstick warrant this kind of attention? Comment or tweet to us @get_inonit.

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