Sarees Made Fun by Samavaya

When you think of elegance in the form of clothing for a woman, the saree is what instantly comes to mind. It brings out her inner beauty and grace. And why not, it is the most refined and classic apparel known to womankind.
Adding fun, eccentricity and originality to sarees is Samavaya by Ronitaa.
Her sheer passion for the love of this timeless garment made Ronitaa Italia-Dhanu design sarees that were true to her style. What started as a personal liking towards making her own ensemble, turned into a profession for designing sarees for others – when she made 7 different ones for her friends and family, who absolutely loved her work! Thus, with the onset of the New Year, Samavaya came to being in January 2013.
The brand’s name aptly comes from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘a continuous thread’. Ronitaa’s sarees are a perfect unison of the conventional style and contemporary trends. She manages to make each of her sarees fun, young and inventive by not putting any rules or fixed grids and by playing with colours and styles to make eclectic combinations. Uninhibited, that’s what we call it. Her creativity is free flowing, just like her silhouettes. Think neon meets gold embellishments or fun polka dots in different colours or just a mix and match of patchworks coming together. The fabrics and borders are sourced from various suppliers and put together beautifully by her.
Currently, Samavaya takes appointments at their workshop to meet clients, and they take enquiries through their Facebook page.
Ronitaa will customise a saree for you, based on the brand’s aesthetics. And you can be rest assured that your Samavaya saree will not be seen on anyone else, as they do not make any two identical ones.
Samavaya sarees cost anywhere between Rs. 3,500 and Rs. 6,500. The trousseau collection, which is slightly heavier is priced between Rs. 8,500 and Rs. 12,500. They deliver across India and abroad with additional shipping charges and offer cash on delivery and free home delivery in Mumbai.
To get in touch, call them on 9167750957 or send an email to
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