15 Super Ways to Have Fun With the Sari

Whether you’re a teenager or a married woman, a sari is sure to make you look graceful and gorgeous. While we usually stick to our mother’s style of wearing it, there are numerous other ways to style it. As a fashion-forward woman, why stick to same old rules? Here are 15 sari-draping ideas for your next function. You’re welcome!

1. Belt and Sari

Add a belt to your sari to make it stand out. Sounds strange? Why not try a metallic belt or your grandmom’s heritage kamarpatta—both are sure to get you noticed.

sari draping ideas - belt

2. Off-Shoulder Sari

This trend is not just for your tops and tees, but for the sari too. Drape the pallu on your shoulder and pair with a designer ruffled or Chinese-collar blouse.

sari draping ideas - off shoulder

3. Retro Bollywood Sari

Take inspiration from yesteryear’s fashion icon Mumtaz and try this style for your upcoming event. Wear a cropped blouse and gajara for a retro touch.

sari draping ideas - retro

4. Gujarati Twist Sari

The next time your mother asks you to try the ‘Gujarati’ style of sari-drapping, put your own modern twist to it. Wear a long pallu and a classic blouse, and see it turn from conventional to contemporary.

sari draping ideas - conventional twist

5. Cross Wrap Sari

Get a full-sleeved blouse stitched from your local tailor and wear your regular printed sari in this cross-wrap style. You just turned into a style icon without spending on a designer outfit.

sari draping ideas - cross

6. Dual Drape Sari

Combine your traditional Kanchipuram sari with a bold printed dupatta and walk into your evening event in style. Pair with minimal jewellery and you are sure to be the most noticed person around.

sari draping ideas - dual

7. Neck Drape Sari

Just like you’d wear your scarf, try draping your sari around your neck. Without spending a single penny, your regular sari got way more fun. Wear a quirky blouse and bindi to complete the look.

sari draping ideas - neck wrap

8. Blouse/Jacket Over Sari

We love how designers combine Western and Indian styles together. Wear your blouse or a traditional jacket above your sari and enjoy a host of compliments coming your way. Experiment with ribbons, embellishments, textures of materials, net and even metallic motifs.

sari draping ideas - over blouse

9. Reverse Sari

Show off your fashionable side with this reverse style of draping the sari. Ensure that your blouse is well-fitted and has prints or patterns, and wear your hair in a bun or brushed back in a sleek manner to flaunt your sari style.

sari draping ideas - reverse

10. Knot and Fringe with Sari

The knot on the sari has been seen in several designer collections. Instead of draping your pallu the normal way, knot it at the waist. Also try the fringe trend in your saris.

sari draping ideas - tie up and fringe

11. Gatsby Sari

Love The Great Gatsby and its fashionable looks? Then try it on your sari, too. Get the designer look with a trendy forehead band, minimal jewellery and reverse draping . Just make sure you wear similar shade of blouse with it.

sari draping ideas - gatsby

12. Skirt Sari

Drape your sari and the pallu across your waist. Confused? Yes, we’re talking about the skirt sari.  It looks trendy and you can wear your favourite top as a blouse on it. Pair with a cool belt and minimal jewellery.

sari draping ideas - skirt

13. Wrap Sari

Wrap your sari on your crop top and trousers or your unconventional salwar kameez and watch it instantly transform into a fusion outfit. Wear it with statement accessories and dramatic makeup.

sari draping ideas - wrap

14. Sari Gown

Made popular by Lady Gaga, the sari gown is perfect for a red carpet event. Save up some moolah and head to a designer store as you must have one of these in your wardrobe. Combine with heavy contemporary jewellery and you’re all set for the evening.

sari draping ideas - gown

15. Lace and Frill Saris

While lace and frills are new to the world of saris, we love the one-piece concept shown here. It exposes and hides just the right amount of skin along with adding flirty silhouettes. Get inspired and add a sari like this to your wardrobe.

sari draping ideas - lace and drapes

Take a look at some gorgeous saris on InOnIt, and tell us how you would drape them.

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