Satiate Your Burger Cravings at Cool Chef Cafe

Love burgers as much as Jughead does? Head to Cool Chef Cafe to be a part of their 2-month Burger Fest. Started on 25th November 2012, this South Mumbai cafe will serve delicious burgers to its patrons.
On menu are burgers like Spicy Mexican Bean Burger (beans, veggies, chipotle mayo), Japanese Chicken Katsu Burger (crumb fried crunchy chicken breast topped with bulldog sauce), OBB (original beef burger), Pulled Pork Burger (pork tenderloin cooked in a crock pot in a tangy spicy sauce) and the Steak Burger (prime cut tenderloin cooked to medium well and placed on a burger bun).
The Burger Fest will go on till 25th January 2013. Walk into the cafe anytime between 12:00 pm and 12:00 am to satiate your burger cravings.
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