Save Your Soles: 3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Super-Fancy Shoes

Okay, so now that you’ve emptied your account out for that super awesome pair of shoes, you might as well take them out of the box and flaunt them, right? It’s better to make peace right away with the fact that your oh-so-fabulous pair of shoes might not look as pretty after you break into them as they do right now, gleaming from their box.
Or can they?
Protect Your Super Fancy Shoes
Follow these easy-to-remember precautions and keep your new pair of drool-worthy shoes shiny new!

Storage Is Everything
Since you’ll obviously not be wearing them as much as you’ll be storing them, it is super important that you keep your shoes safely, away from danger of fading, scratching and, in the worst case, even breaking! If you’re short-pressed for space, it may be tempting to throw out all the bulky shoe boxes right away. But if you want to preserve your precious pairs, it’s probably wise to hang on to the ones that came with your favourite pair. Keeping them in their boxes will ensure they don’t get affected by dust or, even worse, humidity. You could also stock up on linen dust bags that are especially useful while travelling.

Store your shoes in their pretty boxes

If you must do away with the boxes, don’t dump all your shoes in a pile in your closet. Line them up in pairs on a shelf with enough space to breathe in between. Keep ‘em away from sunlight which could cause fading and major discolouring.

Shoes Need Protection Too
They may look really pretty, but the soles of most fancy shoes are made of extremely thin material. No wonder, even after one wear, the bottoms start scraping and thinning. The best way to protect them is to take them to any cobbler and ask him to add a thin layer of rubber at the soles. You could also protect your heels by adding some durable heel caps, which will prevent your stilettos from wearing down.

Protect your shoes too

Don’t Forget The Conditioner!
Everybody knows you should condition your hair. But have you ever considered conditioning your leather shoes? That’s right, some conditioners can act as life-savers for your leather pairs by keeping the leather supple (because of the moisture) and also prevent those awful cracks from showing up. Just make sure you gently wipe off all the dust from your shoes before you condition them.

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