Scuba Diving For Adventurous Couples

Are you looking out to do something cool with your partner this summer? We suggest you beat the heat with this exciting Scuba Diving Introduction course by Blue Bulb

Scuba Diving has been an increasing draw at most of the costal areas around the world, which in turn, charge exorbitant rates just to teach you the basics. With Blue Bulb, get to learn the basics of scuba diving at a fairly lower price, which is inclusive of equipment and the lessons. The endeavor will be conducted at a custom-built pool-site at Khopoli (1.5 hrs from Mumbai), where the pool is 26 feet deep. It will include a basic instructional program, diver’s sign language, how the equipment works and the actual undertaking of scuba diving. The instructor will be at your side all through your learning experience.

Grab this uber fun activity and do something a tad more exciting than those procedural candlelight dinners. Go bold, go splendid.

To book your trip, mail them on or call on 9821423448.

For more details on the trip, click here.


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