Shop And Share With A Dash Of Lime

It’s time. Oh yes, it’s time. It’s time we women stopped looking at the world in colours of black and white. And it’s definitely time we went back to dreaming of the sun, moon and the stars. Do you even remember what that felt like? Wearing colourfully stripped racer-backs, a popsicle in our hand, cycling around with fly-away hair, playing house and content in everything life had to offer? The surest way to bookmark our lives was to make collages, stick pictures and write little notes.
Well, who said you can’t do all of that even today? Limeroad, a social-commerce platform enables women to come together and bookmark their lives. Or more specifically, bookmark their shopping wants, wishes and whims, which is sort of the same thing. Register for free on Limeroad and you can upload images, open products and drag it on your scrapbook, write little snippets on what you feel, save it and share it with your friends to get a second opinion. You can then also buy it if your girlfriends approve! Check out what other fashionistas are drooling over and you can learn a trick or two of the trade. Limeroad offers umbrellas of home and living, apparels, bags, accessories, footwear and gifts to categorise your closet. But you can also shop based on what other cities or specific designers have in store for you.
Well, enough said. If you are already itching to get your hands on some pop art sling bags or sunshine halter neck trapeze dresses, or simply make a colourful scrapbook with little notes for your girlies, click here to visit Limeroad. You can also contact them by calling on 0124 4420900 or by writing to them at
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