Tips to Shop Like A Pro During Sale Season

End of season sales are here! It’s that time of the year when each saved penny will finally come to use. Many of us wait for this most exciting month when the things that we have eyed are finally available at a price that won’t break the bank. However, the mad rush can make shopping at sales quite frustrating. Here are some tips that will help you shop sensibly during sales and keep you sane.

1. Wait and watch
You may want to rush to the store as soon as you see the word SALE flashing in front of your eyes, but believe me it’s worth the wait. The first couple days have too many crazies entering the store and also the percentage off is the bare minimum. If you have some patience and are willing to wait for a while, wait till the discount increases.

2. Don’t carry your credit card, bring the cash you have budgeted.
Bring only limited cash that you have budgeted for the sale. Once you run out, you know it’s time for you and your shopping bags to go home. Of course, if you have budgeted for more expensive buys, this won’t apply and you will need your plastic money.

3. Pick the right size.
Don’t get too excited on seeing the slashed price; check if the right size is available before you add it to your shopping basket. Also, do not buy something that is one size too small or big, just because the price looks awesome. It won’t look awesome when you wear it. Be patient and try before you buy.

Shopping at sales

4. Make sure you haven’t maxed out your credit card.
When going to shop for higher priced items (even if they are on sale), make sure your credit card will allow you to charge your shopping to it. Or you’ll be making frantic calls to your bank.

5. Avoid weekends.
Yes, you heard it right. Working professionals may not agree with me on this, but please do not enter on a weekend. Take an hour off if possible, and run to the shop then. You can work an hour late if that is required. Weekends are way too chaotic and you will only find yourself exhausted and disgruntled by the end. If you can’t take time off during weekdays, shopping online is the best thing you can do. Most brands and stores, if available online, will have the same discounts in both places. Plus you won’t have to move an inch.

This what you can expect at weekends!This what you can expect at weekends!

6. Keep the coupon codes.
Works mostly when you shop online. Keep them as you might get some additional bonus on already discounted products.

7. Make a check list.
Make a list of what you are actually looking for. Once you are done with the to do list, you can browse for impulse purchases.

8. Shop the season.
At the end of every season, you might find great deals on classic stuff you will need next year. Buy it now. As long as you have storage space that you do not need to pay for, you will be thanking yourself next year when the same season rolls around.

9. Check well before buying.
Again, don’t get too excited when you see the slashed price tags. Instead, make sure you check out that great buy properly for wear and tear before you put your cash down.

10. Dress comfortable.
Don’t wear your highest heels and don’t dress like you are going to attend a fashion event. You are going to be running to the fitting rooms and back, so wear your comfiest flats, and clothes that are easy to slip in and out of. And finally, carry a sling bag so your hands are free.

Before you head out for a serious dose of retail therapy, do keep the above tips in mind and you are sure to have a great shopping experience. Happy shopping ladies!

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