Shopping: 10 Printed Jackets You MUST Get Your Hands On

If you love to try out all kinds of prints and know Peter Pilotto’s collections by heart, this story is for you. If your wardrobe is overflowing with polka dots, florals, stripes, aztec and abstract, you’ll love what we have in store for you. Here are 10 printed jackets you’ll go totally gaga over.

1. It’s a Trip Shrug by StalkBuyLove

Printed shrug jacketBuy it now for Rs 899


2. Glamourous Floral Printed Jacket from Koovs

Floral printed jacketBuy now at 50% off for Rs 900 (on Sale!)

3. Stuck With Stupid Vest by QuirkBox

QuirkBox VestBuy now for Rs 1,595

4. Forever Floral Blazer by StalkBuyLove

Forever Floral Blazer
Buy it now for Rs 1,399

5. Jemie Jacket by StalkBuyLove

Printed jacket JemieBuy it now for Rs 1,099

6. Polka Love Denim Blazer by StalkBuyLove

Polka Love Denim Blazer
Buy it now for Rs 1,749

7. Oversized Printed Bomber Jacket by Koovs

Printed bomber jacketBuy now at 50% off for Rs 745 (on Sale!)

8. Check Tuxedo Jacket by Koovs

Check Tuxedo Jacket by KoovsBuy it now at 50% off for Rs 845 (On Sale!)

9. Quirk Motors Bolero Jacket by Quirk Box

Quirk Motors Bolero JacketBuy it now for Rs 3,150

10. Pink Beatles Printed Jacket by B Clothing

Pink Beatles Printed JacketBuy it now for Rs 2,795

Catch up with what’s hot online as we get you the best of jackets on the web, starting as low as Rs 385. Go for a floral blazer or aztec jacket, whatever pleases your visual senses.

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*Please note that prices are subject to change.

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