5 Short Hairstyles EVERY Indian Woman Should Try

Remember when your mother spent hours oiling and braiding your hair, just so that your locks grow longer and healthier. Well, not much has changed now. Even now, Indian women are obsessed with long tresses. However, aren’t you stereotyping yourself in the same mould? Isn’t it time-consuming and tiring to care for long hair?

We’re here to rescue you from the same old style that almost every other girl has. We spoke to Parigna Sitwala, an experienced hairstylist at Dilshad’s Salon, who suggested five short cuts that’ll look great on Indian features, face structure and dressing styles.

Short Hairstyles

1. The Bob
Famous in the ’90s, this haircut has now made a comeback. Here, the hair is cut at the nape of your neck in one length. A bob is suitable for straight, wavy and curly hair. Whether you have fine or thick hair, this will look simply gorgeous.
Short Hairstyles

2. The Graduated Bob
You may be used to short bangs and long layers, but now it’s time to go the opposite way. In this type, the hair is cut short at the nape of your neck and gets longer in the front, a gradual and smooth transition. This unique style gives your face a refreshing look and will completely revamp your style. Try this if you have straight and fine hair.

Short Hairstyles3. The Asymmetric Bob
As the name suggests, there is little symmetry in your hair in this style, but we recommend you try it as it look absolutely unique. The back near your neck is short and the front is drastically long, either on one side or both. Try this for a quirky look, whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair.

Short Hairstyles4. The Blunt Cut
If you want to try a classic short hairstyle, this one is for you. In the blunt cut, your hair is is cut to the length of the collarbone in one length. This is slightly longer than the bob, hence more manageable and ideal for all kinds of hair.

Short Hairstyles5. The Short Crop/Pixie Cut
Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway have already tried this cut, and it is slowly trickling down to our country as well. Here, you go completely short and have a lot of texture and layers in the top section.

Short HairstylesAll of these cuts can have variations such as light layers, fringes and bangs. For further guidance, get in touch with Parigna at Dilshad’s Salon in Bandra, Mumbai.
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Time to experiment and go short, girl. DO share your short hair selfies with us.

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